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Guarding Your Privacy (PDF)

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: What is Personal Information and Identity Theft?

The Personal Information Trade 6
Personal Information
Identity Theft
Identity Thieves
Victims of Identity Theft
Legal Protections Against Identity Theft

Your Personal Information Is Not As Safe As You Think

Credit Bureaus
Easy Access to Credit
Social Security Numbers as Universal Identifiers

Private Information Check List

What Is a Credit Bureau?
What Is In a Credit Report?
What Is Your Social Security Statement?
What Is on My Driving Record?
Who Can Get the Information in My Driving Record?
What Is in My Medical Information Report?
Businesses and Other Organizations With Information About You
Sale of Personal Information by State and Local Governments

Chapter 2: A Look at Identity Thieves and How to Lessen Your Risk of Being a Victim How Identity Thieves Operate

Diverting Your Mail
Pedigree Information Completes the Scam

Reducing Access to Your Information

Remove Your Name from Marketing Lists
Don’t Be an Easy Target
Be Smart With Credit Cards
Shop Smartly Online

Chapter 3: What to Do if You're a Victim Take Action Immediately

Contact the Credit Bureaus
Contact Banks and Creditors
Report the Crime
Keep Detailed Records
Cancel Stolen Checks

Cleaning Up the Mess

Contact the Post Office
Review Regular Bills
Watch for Social Security Number Misuse
Report Passport Theft
Clear False Criminal or Civil Judgments
Attack Credit Report Fraud
Get Legal Help
Contact Your Legislators
Don’t Give Up

Additional Consumer Information

Sample Letter to Restrict Sharing of Personal Information About You (PDF)