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Table of Contents

Seniors Legal Rights

Publication Information
“Seniors’ Legal Rights” was first published in 1992. This edition was published in May 2009 in St. Paul, Minnesota by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. This Handbook is available in alternate formats upon request.

Consumer Protection

"You-Have-Won" Calls and Mail
Home Improvement Scams
Business Opportunities
Recovery Companies
Chain Letters
Bank Scams
Nigerian Schemes
Pen Pal Schemes
Credit Card Scams
Door-to-Door Sales
Identity Theft

Consumer Rights

Three-Day Cooling-Off Law
If You Have a Complaint
Writing a Complaint Letter
Where to Send Your Complaint Letter
Filing a Consumer Complaint
Legal Action
The Attorney General's Consumer Protection Office
Additional Consumer Information

Charitable Giving

Know Where Your Money Goes


Careful Investing
Investment Fraud

Health Care

Medicare and Medicaid
Medicare Supplement Policies

Health Products
Prescription Drugs
Hearing Aids

Health Care Directives

Nursing Home Care
Nursing Home Admission Contracts
Nursing Home Rates
Patients' Bill of Rights

Schemes and Scams
Medical Quackery
Medical Alert Systems
Alternative Medicines
Cataract Surgery

Planning Ahead

Planning for Incapacity
Formal Arrangements
Guardianship and Conservatorship

Planning for Your Estate
Living Trusts

Planning a Funeral

Human Rights

Age Discrimination

Protection Under the Law

Crime Victims Rights
Vulnerable Adults


Assistance Available
Cold Weather Rule
Disconnection of Utility Services
Energy Assistance Program
Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP)
Link-Up America
Telephone Services to the Deaf

Leasing Telephone Equipment
Inside Wire Insurance 
Blocking 900 Numbers
Caller ID
Call Blocking

Referral Guide

Office of Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson
1400 Bremer Tower
445 Minnesota Street
St. Paul, MN 55101
(651) 296-3353
TTY: (651) 297-7206
TTY: 1-800-366-4812

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