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Manufactured Home Parks

This handbook explains the Minnesota laws concerning manufactured home park residents and park owners. A right or privilege guaranteed by law cannot be waived. For specific advice or assistance residents and park owners may contact the organizations listed at the back of this book, or a private attorney. PDF


1. Purchasing a Manufactured Home

Licensing and Bonding of Dealers and Manufacturers
Building Codes
Tire and Axle Scam

2. Duties of the Park Owner and Manager

Compliance with Health Regulations
Storm Shelters and Evacuation
Drains, Water Supply and Lots
Tenantís Remedies Act

3. Rental Agreements

Requirements of a Rental Agreement
Serving Notice

4. Park Rules

Proper Rules
Unreasonable Rules
Changes to Park Rules
Substantial Modifications to Park Rules
Illegal Rules

5. Fees

Illegal Fees
Legal Fees

6. Eviction

Actions for Which a Resident May Be Evicted
Defenses to Eviction
Right to Redemption
Eviction Proceedings
Parks Cannot Retaliate

7. In-Park Sale of a Manufactured Home

Parkís Approval of a Buyer for Residency
Safety Disclosure and Repairs
Rights of Repossessing Parties
Removal of a Home After Repossession

8. Park Closing

Notice of Sale

9. For More Information

General Resources
Conciliation Courts 
Building Codes
Home and Park Licensing
Legal Aid Services
Mediation and Dispute Resolution
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Statutory Cites

10. Appendix

Forms Required by State Law
Form 1: Notice Required by State Law
Form 2: Safety Feature Disclosure Form