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Veterans and Servicemembers

Credit Laws

Active Duty Alert

A provision of a federal law known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act allows service members on active duty to place an Active Duty Alert on their credit report. Once you place an Active Duty Alert on your credit report, lenders must take additional steps to ensure your identity before allowing credit to be granted in your name. Active Duty Alerts remain in effect on your credit report for one year. To place an Active Duty Alert on your credit report, you may contact the three major credit reporting bureaus directly:

PO Box 2104
Allen, TX 75013-9595
(888) 397-3742
www.experian.comexternal link icon

Equifax Information Services
PO Box 105252
Atlanta, GA 30348
(877) SCORE-11 link icon

2 Baldwin Place
PO Box 1000
Chester, PA 19016
(800) 888-4213 external link icon

Security Freeze

Under Minnesota law, you may take action to protect yourself from identity theft even if you are not on active duty by contacting the credit bureaus to place a “freeze” on your credit report. Once a security freeze is placed upon your credit report, you will be given a PIN number, which will then be required in connection with any credit request in your name. To initiate a security freeze on your credit report, you must contact the credit bureaus and pay a $5 fee for each freeze. Victims of identity theft may obtain security freezes free of charge. To request a freeze, contact:

Experian Security Freeze
P.O. Box 9554
Allen, TX 75013
(888) 397-3742 link icon

Equifax Security Freeze
P.O. Box 105788
Atlanta, GA 30348
(800) 685-1111 external link icon

TransUnion Security Freeze
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016
(800) 680-7289 external link icon

Annual Credit Report

To stay on guard against identity theft, we recommend that you monitor the status of your credit report. Under federal law, you may obtain one free copy of your credit report per year from each of the major credit bureaus. You may obtain these reports in one of three ways:

  1. Logging on to www.AnnualCreditReport.comexternal link icon
  2. Calling 877-322-8228
  3. Writing: Annual Credit Report Request Service, PO Box 105283, Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5283

Be aware that if you attempt to obtain a copy of your credit report through any channel not listed above, you may be charged for the report.

Veteran Affairs

United States Department of Veteran Affairs

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) provides a variety of services and information to veterans including:

If you have questions about benefits, you may contact the VA as follows:

United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs
Veterans Benefits Administration
St. Paul Regional Office
1 Federal Drive, Fort Snelling
St. Paul, MN 55111
800-827-1000 link icon

Additional VA facilities are listed here.

Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs

The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (“MDVA”) assists veterans and their dependents in obtaining benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Specifically, the Commissioner of Veterans Affairs may act as an “agent” to assist you with a claim against the United States for benefits arising out of service in the armed forces. State law provides that the MDVA maintain a State soldiers’ assistance fund to assist you and your dependents in obtaining benefits relating to their health, compensation, pension, and other benefits provided to veterans. The MDVA is charged with cooperating with all other public entities to secure benefits provided by national, State, and county laws as well as public and private social agencies for you and your dependents. The Commissioner must also provide necessary assistance if other adequate aid is not available to your dependent family members while you are hospitalized or after you are released. The MDVA provides the following contacts for its divisions and programs on its website at link icon

Additional services and programs such as the War Orphans Education Program, Veterans Educational Assistance Program, and Military records may be accessed by contacting your County Veterans Service Officer. To determine who your County Veterans Service Officer is, visit link icon


TRICARE is the United States Department of Defense’s (“DOD”) health care coverage program for service members and their dependents. TRICARE offers several health care packages with different levels of coverage. You may obtain information about each of these programs from the TRICARE website, or by contacting TRICARE West Region as follows:

TRICARE—Regional Office West
www.tricare.milexternal link icon

United Healthcare Military & Veterans Services is a public company that contracts with the DOD to administer benefits under the TRICARE program. You may contact United Healthcare by phone at 877-988-9378, or online at link icon

The TRICARE program is ultimately overseen by the TRICARE Management Authority of the United States Department of Defense:

TRICARE Management Activity
7700 Arlington Blvd., Suite 5101
Falls Church, VA 22041-5101
www.tricare.milexternal link icon

The website for the Minnesota National Guard contains additional information about TRICARE services for Guardsmen and their families regarding enrollment, coverage levels, costs, transitional coverage and other health care issues— link icon

TRICARE Programs

The various coverage options through the TRICARE program maintain different eligibility and enrollment requirements. Specific coverage questions should be addressed directly to TRICARE.