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Federal ID# 486393123

Vision Charitable Trust

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    • Our Time to Build
    • The Vision Charitable Trust

General Information

Organization Type CHARITY
Contact Person Michael S. Yates
Address 10940 South Parker Road, Suite 640, Parker, CO 80134
Phone Number (469) 454-1200
Purpose or Description Ministers the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible as soon as possible.
Status Active
Extension Granted

Financial Information

For Fiscal Year Ending 12/31/2019

Direct Public Support$2,456,703
Government Grants+ $0
Other Revenue+ $53,257
Total Revenue$2,509,960
Amount Spent for Program or Charitable Purposes$1,725,584
Management/General Expense+ $119,887
Fundraising Expense+ $472,876
Total Expenses$2,318,347

Total Revenue$2,509,960
Total Expenses- $2,318,347
End of Year Fund Bal/Net Worth
Total Assets$1,850,511
Total Liabilities- $86,365
End of Year Fund Bal/Net Worth$1,764,146
Financial Information for Prior Years

Financial Information for Prior Years

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