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If you would like to view an electronic version of any of the publications below, click on either the PDF or HTML link to the right of the publication’s title. If you would like us to mail you a copy of a publication, mark the item and quantity of the publication(s) you would like us to send.

Advice and Information

Assert Your Rights as a Consumer (PDF) (HTML)
Beware of Sweepstakes Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Community Solar Gardens (PDF) (HTML)
Contract Cooling-Off Periods (PDF) (HTML)
Credit Card Processing Service Solicitations (PDF) (HTML)
Disaster Information (PDF) (HTML)
Employment Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Fake Invoices to Businesses (PDF) (HTML)
Free Trial Offers (PDF) (HTML)
Gift Cards/Gift Certificates (PDF) (HTML)
Locksmiths (PDF) (HTML)
Magazine Renewal Notices (PDF) (HTML)
Magazine Subscription Solicitations (PDF) (HTML)
Propane Gas (PDF) (HTML)
Security Alarms (PDF) (HTML)
Television Service (PDF) (HTML)
Travel Packages (PDF) (HTML)
Unclaimed Property (PDF) (HTML)
Unordered Merchandise (PDF) (HTML)
Unwanted Mail (PDF) (HTML)
Utility Disconnection (PDF) (HTML)


Duenos E Inquilinos (Landlords and Tenants) (PDF)
Landlords and Tenants (PDF) (HTML)
Moving into an Apartment (PDF) (HTML)
Vacating an Apartment (PDF) (HTML)


Hiring an Attorney (PDF) (HTML)


Buying Optional Car Products (PDF) (HTML)
Car Handbook (PDF) (HTML)
Car Rentals (PDF) (HTML)
Curbstoning (PDF) (HTML)
El Manual Del Auto (Car Handbook) (PDF)
Extended Auto Warranty Offers (PDF) (HTML)
Flooded or Salvaged Used Cars (PDF) (HTML)
Minnesota Car Laws (PDF) (HTML)
Online Car Sales (PDF) (HTML)
Transferring Title (PDF) (HTML)
Truth in Repairs (PDF) (HTML)
Used Car Shopping (PDF) (HTML)
Vehicle Donations (PDF) (HTML)

Charitable Giving

Charitable Athletic Events (PDF) (HTML)
Giving to Charities-Facts, Scams, and Tips (PDF) (HTML)
Guide for Charity Board Members (PDF) (HTML)
Minnesota Charities Laws (PDF) (HTML)
Vehicle Donations (PDF) (HTML)

Courts and Lawsuits

Answering a Lawsuit (PDF) (HTML)
Conciliation Court (PDF) (HTML)
Corte de Conciliacion (Conciliation Court) (PDF)

Computers and Internet Safety

Computer Malware and Phishing Schemes (PDF) (HTML)
Internet Safety (PDF) (HTML)
Junk Email (PDF) (HTML)
Look-a-Like Websites (PDF) (HTML)
Online Auctions (PDF) (HTML)
Public Wi-Fi Networks (PDF) (HTML)
Scams Targeting Computer Owners (PDF) (HTML)
Smartphone Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Social Media Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Spear Phishing (PDF) (HTML)

Consumer Report Form

Consumer Assistance Request Form (PDF) (HTML)

Fraud Report Form

Fraud Report Form (PDF) (HTML)

Credit Reports and Scores

Credit Reports (PDF) (HTML)
Credit Scores (PDF) (HTML)

Crime Victim Rights

Stalking Victims Guide (PDF) (HTML)
The Zone: Drug-Free Zones (PDF) (HTML)


Chip Cards (PDF) (HTML)
Cosigning a Loan (PDF) (HTML)
Credit Card Statements (PDF) (HTML)
Credit Handbook (PDF) (HTML)
Debt Assistance Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Dispute Bogus Credit, Debit, and ATM Card Charges (PDF) (HTML)
Foreign Exchange Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Internet Loans (PDF) (HTML)
Payday Loans (PDF) (HTML)
The Holder Rule: Loans and Defective Products (PDF) (HTML)
Unwanted Credit Card Offers (PDF) (HTML)

Debt Collection

Debt Buyers (PDF) (HTML)
Debt Collection (PDF) (HTML)
Debt Collection When You Don't Owe the Money (PDF) (HTML)
Garnishment (PDF) (HTML)
Phony Debt Collection Scams (PDF) (HTML)

Health Care

Health Care Credit Cards (PDF) (HTML)
Know Your Hospital Status (PDF) (HTML)
Managing Your Health Care (PDF) (HTML)
Medical Billing Pointers (PDF) (HTML)
Short Term Health Insurance (PDF) (HTML)
Unlicensed Health Plans (PDF) (HTML)


Condominium and Townhome Associations (PDF) (HTML)
Home Building and Remodeling (PDF) (HTML)
Home Buyers Handbook (PDF) (HTML)
Home Improvement Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Home Sellers Handbook (PDF) (HTML)
Manufactured Home Parks (PDF) (HTML)
Parques de Casas Moviles (Manufactured Home Parks) (PDF)
Real Estate Deed Solicitation Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Refinancing Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Rental Listing Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Reverse Mortgages (PDF) (HTML)


Mortgage Assistance Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Mortgage Fact Sheet (PDF) (HTML)
Mortgage Foreclosure (PDF) (HTML)
PMI Fact Sheet (PDF) (HTML)

Privacy & ID Theft

Guarding Your Privacy (PDF) (HTML)
Identity Theft (PDF) (HTML)
Personal Information Breaches (PDF) (HTML)
Protect Personal Information (PDF) (HTML)
Public Information and the Internet (PDF) (HTML)
Spear Phishing (PDF) (HTML)
Unwanted Calls and Mail (PDF) (HTML)
When in Doubt, Don't Give it Out (PDF) (HTML)

Scams and Schemes

Advance Fee Loan Schemes (PDF) (HTML)
Business Compliance Solicitation Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Calls from Your Own Phone Number (PDF) (HTML)
Card Services Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Fake Check Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Foreign Advance Fee Fraud (PDF) (HTML)
Foreign Lotteries (PDF) (HTML)
Gift Cards Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Government Assistance & Labor Poster Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Grandparent Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Grant Scams (PDF) (HTML)
How to Spot a Scam (PDF) (HTML)
Imposter Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Internet Classified Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Intimidation Scams (PDF) (HTML)
IRS Imposter Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Jamaican Lottery Scam (PDF) (HTML)
Modern Technology Fuels Old Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Online Dating and Romance Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Prepaid Debit Card Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Recovery Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Secret Shopper Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Survey Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Tax Related Identity Theft and Other Tax Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Text Message Phishing or Smishing Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Timeshare Resale Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Work-at-Home Scams (PDF) (HTML)


Annuities (PDF) (HTML)
Door-To-Door Sales and Telemarketers (PDF) (HTML)
Estate Sale Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Living Trust Mills (PDF) (HTML)
Long Term Care Insurance (PDF) (HTML)
Medical Alert Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Medicare and Social Security Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Nursing Homes and Assisted Living (PDF) (HTML)
Probate and Planning (PDF) (HTML)
Retirement Savings (PDF) (HTML)
Seniors Guide to Fighting Fraud (PDF) (HTML)
Seniors Legal Rights (PDF) (HTML)
Unwanted Mail to Seniors (PDF) (HTML)


Cyberbullying and Online Harassment (PDF) (HTML)
For Profit Colleges (PDF) (HTML)
Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Student Loan Assistance Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Student Loan Handbook (PDF) (HTML)
Summer Employment Scams (PDF) (HTML)


Tax Refund Anticipation Loans (PDF) (HTML)
Tax Related Identity Theft and Other Tax Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Tax Relief Scams (PDF) (HTML)


Calls from Your Own Phone Number (PDF) (HTML)
Do Not Call Registry and Unwanted Calls (PDF) (HTML)
Phone Handbook (PDF) (HTML)
Prepaid Calling Cards (PDF) (HTML)
Spoofing Local Numbers (PDF) (HTML)
Telephone Bills (PDF) (HTML)
Telephone Cramming (PDF) (HTML)
Telephone Slamming (PDF) (HTML)
Text Message Phishing or Smishing Scams (PDF) (HTML)
Voice Phishing (PDF) (HTML)
Wireless Phones (PDF) (HTML)


Military Service Members Relief (PDF) (HTML)
Veterans and Service Members (PDF) (HTML)

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