Office Policies and Notices

Affirmative Action

Equal Opportunity to participate and benefit from programs of the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General is available to all individuals regardless of regard of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, familial status, disability, age, sexual orientation, status with regard to public assistance, or activity in a local human rights commission.

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing the Office’s Affirmative Action Program

Included in the Affirmative Action Plan:

Harassment and Discrimination Policies and Forms

ADA Policies, Notices, and Forms

Data Practices

Make a Data Practices Request.
The Office of the Minnesota Attorney General responds as promptly as possible to requests for government data submitted pursuant to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA), Minn. Stat. §§ 13.01-.90 (2020). Classifications of data as either public or not public are subject to the MGDPA, other state law, federal law, or temporary classification. Data requests to the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General are subject to the Office's Policy and Procedure for Data-Practices Requests.

Please note that requests for data and responses to requests are presumptively public unless otherwise classified as not public. See Minn. Stat. § 13.01, subd. 3.

Privacy Policy

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