Information for Opposing Counsel

The Attorney General’s Office recognizes that the health and safety of its employees and the public are of paramount importance during this COVID-19 outbreak. In an effort to minimize the potential for transmission of the COVID- 19 virus, until the end of the Governor’s Emergency Declaration the Attorney General’s Office will accept service of process for the State of Minnesota or any State Agency pursuant to state and federal rules of procedure 4 and 5 at the following email address The Attorney General’s Office will provide written admission of service by email so as to comply with the requirements of Minnesota Rule of Civil Procedure 5.02. Nothing in this method of service of process by email expands the ability or authority of the Attorney General’s Office to accept service for parties outside of those identified in Minnesota Rule of Civil Procedure 4.03(d) and Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 4(j)(2)(B). The Attorney General’s Office will only accept service of process via email during this declared state of emergency by the Governor. Upon the end of the emergency declaration, this email address will no longer function and service must be accomplished pursuant to the methods identified in Minnesota Rule of Civil Procedure 5.02.

Electronically Serving the Attorney General's Office via E-MACS

To electronically serve the Attorney General's Office using the appellate courts' E-MACS system when you do not know which Assistant Attorney General is responsible for that appeal, you should click on the "Add Attorney" link, then click on the "Attorney Search" link, and in the last name field enter "Attorney General" or in the Bar ID field enter 09000890x