Attorney General Ellison: Ruling to keep George Floyd trial in Minneapolis is ‘another significant step forward in the pursuit of justice’

Court also grants State’s motion to hold one trial for all four defendants, rather than separate trials

November 5, 2020 (SAINT PAUL) — Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison released the following statement today upon the rulings of Hennepin County District Court to keep the trial of the defendants in the murder of George Floyd in Hennepin County and to join all four defendants into one trial. The court denied the defense motions to move the location of the trial from Hennepin County and granted the state’s motion to hold one trial for all four defendants

"I'm satisfied by the court’s decisions today. The murder of George Floyd occurred in Minneapolis and it is right that the defendants should be tried in Minneapolis. It is also true that they acted in concert with each other and the evidence against them is similar, so it is right to try them in one trial.   

“These rulings reflect a measured and thoughtful application of the law. Taken with recent ruling sustaining almost all of the original charges against the defendants, including the most serious, the rulings today represent another significant step forward in the pursuit of justice for George Floyd and for our community.”