Court grants Attorney General Ellison’s petition for court supervision of Feeding Our Future’s dissolution

Grants request for accountability and transparency during dissolution

April 12, 2022 (SAINT PAUL) — Attorney General Keith Ellison announced that Dakota County District Court has granted his petition seeking court supervision over Feeding Our Future’s finances and operations while it dissolves. In an order filed yesterday, the Court ordered that Feeding Our Future is subject to the supervision of the Court and ordered that it take initial steps for supervision, including preparing financial statements, inventorying its assets and liabilities, and providing ongoing transparency to the Court. The Court will assess Feeding Our Future’s progress on these steps in 90 days. 

“I filed the petition as part of my job to supervise charities and their leaders to ensure they are complying with civil charities laws and upholding Minnesotans’ trust. I am gratified the Court granted the petition. Court oversight of Feeding Our Future’s dissolution will allow greater transparency into the organization’s finances and prevent any future fraud or misuse of assets while my investigation and the federal investigation continue.” 

The Charities Division of the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office filed the petition on March 3, 2022 in order to protect any remaining Feeding Our Future assets from the risk of fraud and to prevent Feeding Our Future from taking further steps to dissolve while the Attorney General’s Office investigates potential violations of Minnesota’s nonprofit and charities laws. 

While federal authorities look into the alleged misuse of federal grant funds, the Attorney General’s role under Minnesota law is to focus on the governance and oversight of charitable assets held by Feeding Our Future. The Attorney General’s investigation, which is in process, has not yet made any formal determination of wrongdoing.  

The Court’s supervision proceedings are separate from any claims that Attorney General Ellison may bring as a result of his investigation into potential violations of charities laws.