Legislative Response to the Crisis and the Opioid Epidemic Response Advisory Council

Minnesota passed opioid legislation in 2019, HF 400, that required all funds received by the state as a result of an opioid-related lawsuit or settlement be used for opioid abatement.  Prior to the passage of this law, settlement and lawsuit recoveries were required to be sent to the state’s General Fund.  The law also created the Opioid Epidemic Response Advisory Council (OERAC), which will oversee and distribute much of the money collected as a result of the settlements discussed on this page.

Additional information on the Council can be found here.

On May 6, 2022, the Opioids Settlement Funds Bill passed in both houses of the Legislature, implementing Minnesota’s state and local agreement and ensuring that funds will be properly allocated and that Minnesota will receive its full share of resources to fight the epidemic.  

Minnesota Attorney General’s Office opioids contact information:
Email: opioids@ag.state.mn.us
Telephone: (612) 429-7126