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Federal ID# 237259977

Japan America Society of Minnesota, Inc.

    • Jasm

General Information

Organization Type CHARITY
Contact Person Rio Saito
Address P.O. Box 26639, Minneapolis, MN 55426-
Phone Number (612) 627-9357
Purpose or Description General organizational programming & scholarships to study in Japan.
Status Active
Extension None

Financial Information

For Fiscal Year Ending 12/31/2021

Direct Public Support$68,495
Government Grants+ $54,530
Other Revenue+ $6,874
Total Revenue$129,899
Amount Spent for Program or Charitable Purposes$13,868
Management/General Expense+ $102,231
Fundraising Expense+ $0
Total Expenses$116,099

Total Revenue$129,899
Total Expenses- $116,099
End of Year Fund Bal/Net Worth
Total Assets$140,330
Total Liabilities- $0
End of Year Fund Bal/Net Worth$140,330
Financial Information for Prior Years

Financial Information for Prior Years

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