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Attorney General Ellison supports preserving, strengthening DACA
Joins national coalition urging action to protect DACA benefits for 6,500 Minnesotans and extend them to 5,000 more
“Thousands of Minnesotans who were brought here as children know no other home than our state. Like all Minnesotans, they just want to be able to afford their lives and live with dignity, safety, and respect,” Attorney General Ellison said. “I’m asking the federal government to act so that they can keep contributing to our communities.”

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Attorney General Ellison resolves two more pandemic-related lawsuits
Shady’s to pay $30K for threatening to violate EO 20-56; Boardwalk pays $25K for violating EO 20-99, serves 30-day license suspension
“We continue to be committed to holding accountable those entities that put public safety at risk. I am pleased that these businesses finally chose to take responsibility for their actions,” Attorney General Ellison said.

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Attorney General Ellison joins nationwide investigation into Instagram’s impact on young people
Broad group of attorneys general concerned for safety and well-being of children; examining potential violations of consumer-protection laws
“My job is to help Minnesotans of all ages live with dignity, safety, and respect. This is why I’ve joined a bipartisan, nationwide investigation into Meta about the impact of Instagram on younger users,” Attorney General Ellison said.

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Attorney General Ellison secures victory against Minneapolis landlord's ‘brazen and deplorable’ illegal practices
Court orders Steven Meldahl to permanently stop deceiving tenants about lease terms, pay $133K fine and attorneys’ fees
Court finds former tenants’ trial testimony ‘credible and compelling,’ citing conditions at Meldahl properties of ‘Biblical plague proportions’; Meldahl’s behavior ‘nothing but having full knowledge of his actions and undertaking them in bad faith’

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Attorney General Ellison reaches settlement in price-gouging lawsuit against Sparboe Farms
Minnesota company agrees to donate more than 1M eggs to Minnesota nonprofits to feed hungry Minnesotans
“During the COVID-19 crisis, I used the authority granted to me by executive order to ensure that Minnesotans were protected from pandemic profiteering on food and other essential items. We are committed to holding accountable those that sought to take advantage of consumer demand for essential goods during the pandemic.” Attorney General Ellison said.

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COVID-19 Related Complaints

Although the COVID-19 peacetime emergency has ended, you can still report concerns to our Office.  If you believe you were the victim of price gouging (before July 1, 2021), a COVID-19-related scam, or other fraudulent practices, please submit a report to our Office by using the Consumer Assistance Request Form.  If you have concerns about an unlawful eviction before July 1, 2021, or another landlord/tenant matter, please submit a report to our Office by using the Minnesota Tenant Report Form.

Temporary Changes in AGO Operations Due to COVID-19
  • Publications: The mailing of printed publications has been suspended. (More Information)
  • Service of Process: Until January 3, 2022, we will temporarily accept service of process for the State of Minnesota or any State Agency pursuant to state and federal rules of procedure 4 and 5 at the following email address (More Information)
  • Walk-Ins: We are discontinuing the practice of in-person meetings, please contact us by phone or internet. (More Information)

Know your rights and responsibilities as a fundraiser or donor to charitable causes

The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office serves as the chief regulator of charities in Minnesota. The Charities Division of the Office is dedicated to educating fundraisers and charities about their responsibilities under the law and ensure they comply with the law, and to educating donors about their rights and how to know they are donating to reliable charities with a track record of delivering results. As such, the Office offers resources for the public including tips on researching charities, avoiding scams, and reporting questionable practices.

Advisory Task Force on Lowering Pharmaceutical Drugs Prices - February 2020 Report

After nearly one year of public study and deliberation, Minnesota Attorney General Ellison’s Advisory Task Force on Lowering Pharmaceutical Drugs Prices has released a report and 14 recommendations for lowering prescription drug prices.

Read the full report or the press release for more information.

CenturyLink Settlement Information
CenturyLink Settlement Information

MN consumers who received internet or television service from CenturyLink between July 12, 2011 and the present are eligible for refunds if they were charged more for service than they agreed to pay.

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