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Attorney General Ellison asks Bartmann Hospitality, Inc. to reply to reports of withheld wages and gratuities
Also offers guidance to workers whose wages have been withheld after a COVID-19 layoff or termination
“Minnesota workers and small-business owners are both having a tough time affording their lives right now, especially in the hospitality industry that is such an important part of Minnesota’s economy and culture. But even in this tough time, it’s still not legal to withhold wages that employees have earned,” Attorney General Ellison said.

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Attorney General Ellison puts an end to more pandemic profiteering
Little Canada business did not sell N95 face masks before start of COVID-19 crisis;
will stop selling them for $5 each plus shipping, and will donate all masks to comply with Governor’s Executive Order

“I’m calling on Minnesotans everywhere to report to my office any price-gouging on essential items they see. We’ve had almost 500 complaints in the first week, and we’re looking into every one.” Attorney General Ellison said.

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Attorney General Ellison warns major online retailers they are not exempt from ban on pandemic profiteering
Joins bipartisan group of 32 AGs in letters to Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, and Walmart urging them to block price-gouging by online sellers
“Now more than ever, my job is to help Minnesotans afford their lives — but pandemic profiteering, including online, is making that harder. The major online retailers have a responsibility to put an end to it,” Attorney General Ellison said. “The vast majority of retailers who are selling essential items are doing the right thing by Minnesotans right now — and their workers are our heroes. But if you’re profiteering off the pandemic, my office and I are coming after you.”

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Attorney General Ellison: Governor’s order to ‘Stay at Home’ is ‘firmly rooted in Minnesota law,’ ‘reasonable and necessary’
Will vote to approve Order at Executive Council meeting later today
“I say to all Minnesotans: stay home. Comply with the Order. Every trusted analysis of the pandemic tells us that when we stay home, we will flatten the curve. Flattening the curve means that fewer people will get sick. Fewer people will need to consume emergency resources and hospital beds. More people who need those services will have access to them. More people will live.” Attorney General Ellison said.

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Attorney General Ellison ready to enforce order suspending evictions during emergency
New online complaint form available for tenants who believe landlords are violating Executive Order
“This order protects families who have lost their jobs or had their hours cut during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not an excuse not to pay rent: if you can pay, you should, but if you can’t because of the pandemic, you’re protected during the emergency. The order also protects all Minnesotans, because everyone’s health and safety is at risk if families are made homeless right now,” Attorney General Ellison said.

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Attorney General Ellison begins crackdown on COVID-19 pandemic profiteering
AG’s office pursuing numerous investigations — files first Assurance of Discontinuance, sends warning letter to Menards
“I will do everything in my power to help ensure Minnesotans can afford their lives and are protected from pandemic profiteering by people who are trying to line their pockets during this crisis at Minnesotans’ expense,” Attorney General Ellison said. “We need Minnesotans’ help with this mission, too. I strongly urge anyone who sees any price-gouging on essential goods in their community to report it to my office immediately. We’ll get right on it.”

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NEW! Price-Gouging Complaint Form

Attorney General Ellison’s Office is concerned with reports that some retailers may be engaged in price-gouging practices by selling essential goods or services at unconscionable or excessively inflated prices as a result of COVID-19. The Attorney General strongly encourages consumers to report such practices immediately to Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

NEW! Tenant Eviction Complaint Form

A recent Executive Order forbids landlords from evicting tenants or asking them to leave during the pandemic. Tenants who are told they have to leave their home may report the landlord to the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

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Advisory Task Force on Lowering Pharmaceutical Drugs Prices - Februrary 2020 Report

After nearly one year of public study and deliberation, Minnesota Attorney General Ellison’s Advisory Task Force on Lowering Pharmaceutical Drugs Prices has released a report and 14 recommendations for lowering prescription drug prices.

Read the full report or the press release for more information.

CenturyLink Settlement Information
CenturyLink Settlement Information

MN consumers who received internet or television service from CenturyLink between July 12, 2011 and the present are eligible for refunds if they were charged more for service than they agreed to pay.

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