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Attorney General Ellison secures settlement stopping predatory online lending and collection of illegal interest
Attorney General brought federal lawsuit in 2023 to stop online lenders targeting vulnerable consumers and charging 400-800% interest; lenders had collected at least $540K from defaulted Minnesota borrowers
“If I find lenders charging outrageous interest rates and take advantage of Minnesotans, I will step in and bring a stop to it—whether it’s a business on your street corner or online.” said Attorney General Ellison.

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Attorney General Ellison secures $85K in refunds for solar garden consumers charged unlawful early-termination fees
Community solar garden operator owners also agree to suspend enforcement of early-termination fees in current contracts and not to enter into new contracts with unlawful fees
“The community solar garden program is an innovative way for Minnesotans, whether renters or homeowners, to tap into the power of green energy without having solar panels installed on their own roofs,” Attorney General Keith Ellison said.

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On Valentine’s Day, Attorney General Ellison Warns Minnesotans to Avoid Romance Scams
The warning is the first in a series of monthly Scam Stopper alerts that Attorney General Ellison will be issuing to help protect Minnesota consumers from fraud.
“Bad actors can be relentless in trying to trick Minnesotans out of their hard-earned money, and that often takes the form of romance scams. Today, I’m sharing some helpful tips so you can avoid these cons yourself and help protect your loved ones from them.” said Attorney General Ellison.

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Attorney General Ellison secures low-cost insulin for Minnesotans
In resolution of 2018 lawsuit, insulin manufacturer Eli Lilly agrees to cap out-of-pocket cost of its insulin products at $35 per monthly prescription, and provide free insulin to clinics serving the neediest Minnesotans, for five years
Settlement resolves Attorney General’s 2018 lawsuit against Eli Lilly, while litigation against two other insulin manufacturers continues

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Attorney General Ellison prevails at Minnesota Supreme Court on Otto Bremer trustee removal case
Supreme Court upholds district court and court of appeals decisions to remove former trustee, stating he “repeatedly placed his own priorities before those of the Trust”
Decision resolves litigation the Charities Division of the Attorney General’s Office first brought in 2020, affirms Office’s authority to protect charitable trusts

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Attorney General Ellison Secures $35 Eli Lilly Insulin for Minnesotans

Attorney General Keith Ellison reached a settlement with insulin manufacturer Eli Lilly, which guarantees that Minnesotans will be able to purchase Eli Lilly insulin products for just $35 for the next 5 years. Eli Lilly will also donate free insulin to 15 clinics serving low-income Minnesotans for 5 the next five years.

Click here for more information and find out everything you need to know to obtain a month’s supply of insulin for $35, and for free, in some instances.

The Attorney General’s Office is remodeling its current office space and for everyone’s safety during this time, we are temporarily discontinuing the practice of in-person meetings with consumers and attempting to limit incoming mail. We are still committed to serving you in the best and most timely way possible. If you would like to speak with an analyst, we ask that you please call us. If you need help with a consumer problem and would like this Office to contact an organization on your behalf, we ask you to file a complaint using the Online Consumer Assistance Request Form. Thank you for your understanding.

Tips for fundraisers and donors
Know your rights and responsibilities as a fundraiser or donor to charitable causes

The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office serves as the chief regulator of charities in Minnesota. The Charities Division of the Office is dedicated to educating fundraisers and charities about their responsibilities under the law and ensure they comply with the law, and to educating donors about their rights and how to know they are donating to reliable charities with a track record of delivering results. As such, the Office offers resources for the public including tips on researching charities, avoiding scams, and reporting questionable practices.

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Advisory Task Force on Lowering Pharmaceutical Drugs Prices - February 2020 Report

After nearly one year of public study and deliberation, Minnesota Attorney General Ellison’s Advisory Task Force on Lowering Pharmaceutical Drugs Prices has released a report and 14 recommendations for lowering prescription drug prices.

Read the full report or the press release for more information.

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Affording Your Life with Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is your podcast about fairness, justice, and consumer information to help you afford your life.

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Overdose deaths from opioids are increasing at an alarming rate. We are losing too many Minnesotans to painkillers, heroin, and other opioids. Use DoseOfReality.MN.gov to learn more about prescription painkiller abuse and how you can do your part to prevent it in Minnesota.