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Attorney General Ellison: Ruling in Floyd case ‘important, positive step forward in the path toward justice’
Court sustains eight of out nine total charges against defendants in murder of George Floyd
“The court has sustained eight out of nine charges against the defendants in the murder of George Floyd, including the most serious charges against all four defendants. This means that all four defendants will stand trial for murder and manslaughter, both in the second degree. This is an important, positive step forward in the path toward justice for George Floyd, his family, our community, and Minnesota.”

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Attorney General Ellison investigating company reportedly recruiting private election security
Ellison: ‘Minnesotans have every reason to expect our elections will be as safe and secure as they have always been’
“Minnesota and federal law are clear: no one may interfere with or intimidate a voter at a polling place, and no one may operate private armed forces in our state. The presence of private ‘security’ at polling places would violate these laws. It would make no one safer and is not needed or wanted by anyone who runs elections or enforces the law. For these reasons, my office is formally investigating Atlas Aegis,” Attorney General Ellison said.

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Attorney General Ellison, coalition win halt to Trump Administration cuts to food assistance for 8,000 Minnesotans
Federal judge ruled USDA’s ‘arbitrary and capricious’ food stamp rule change defied rulemaking procedure and congressional intent
“I joined this lawsuit back in January because it was already hard to believe then that the Trump Administration would actually try to make it harder for people to afford to eat. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it’s unconscionable. I’m gratified the court’s ruling will keep Minnesotans from going hungry from the administration’s cruelty,” Attorney General Ellison said.

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With two weeks before Election Day, Governor Walz, Attorney General Ellison encourage Minnesotans to participate in democracy safely
Highlight efforts to ensure safe campaign events amid COVID-19 pandemic
“With two weeks before Election Day, Minnesota is fully engaged in this momentous political season. Minnesotans are proud to tout the highest voter turnout in the nation, and many look forward to hearing from or participating in campaigns during this final stretch.”

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Attorney General Ellison secures relief for student-loan borrowers hurt by misconduct
Former Minnesota ITT students to receive $1.6M in loan relief; California student-debt company to pay to fully refund Minnesota consumers for illegal fees
“Minnesotans take out student loans in good faith so they can get educations that will help them better afford their lives. My office is showing once again that when companies take advantage of that good faith or exploit borrowers mired in student debt, we will come after them,” Attorney General Ellison said.

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Eviction Complaint Form
Tenant Eviction Complaint Form (English, Español, Hmong, & Somali)

A recent Executive Order forbids landlords from evicting tenants or asking them to leave during the pandemic. Tenants who are told they have to leave their home may report the landlord to the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

Coronavirus Mortgage Relief Options
NEW! COVID-19 Mortgage Relief Options for Homeowners

On July 2, 2020 The Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, Governor Tim Walz, and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan announced a commitment by more than 30 financial institutions to provide mortgage relief options to customers facing financial hardship caused by COVID-19 for homeowners not covered by the CARES Act.

Coronavirus Stimulus Payment FAQ
Coronavirus Stimulus Payment FAQs

Coronavirus stimulus payments are part of a $2 trillion relief package the federal government passed to help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Attorney General's Office has answered some frequently asked questions about these one-time payments.

Covid-19 Complaint Form
COVID-19 Complaint Form (English, Español, Hmong, & Somali)

The COVID-19 Complaint Form is used if you need help with a problem related to COVID-19 such as fraud, health-related scams (miracle cures, products, or treatments), government imposter and financial relief scams, cyber crime, financial crime, hate crime, or other civil or criminal law concerns. If you have concerns about price gouging or eviction-related concerns please use the dedicated forms.

Price Gouging Complaint Form
Price-Gouging Complaint Form (English, Español, Hmong, Karen & Somali)

Attorney General Ellison’s Office is concerned with reports that some retailers may be engaged in price-gouging practices by selling essential goods or services at unconscionable or excessively inflated prices as a result of COVID-19. The Attorney General strongly encourages consumers to report such practices immediately to Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

Temporary Changes in AGO Operations Due to COVID-19
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  • Publications: The mailing of printed publications has been suspended. (More Information)
  • Service of Process: we will accept service of process for the State of Minnesota or any State Agency pursuant to state and federal rules of procedure 4 and 5 at the following email address (More Information)
  • Walk-Ins: We are discontinuing the practice of in-person meetings, please contact us by phone or internet. (More Information)

Advisory Task Force on Lowering Pharmaceutical Drugs Prices - February 2020 Report

After nearly one year of public study and deliberation, Minnesota Attorney General Ellison’s Advisory Task Force on Lowering Pharmaceutical Drugs Prices has released a report and 14 recommendations for lowering prescription drug prices.

Read the full report or the press release for more information.

CenturyLink Settlement Information
CenturyLink Settlement Information

MN consumers who received internet or television service from CenturyLink between July 12, 2011 and the present are eligible for refunds if they were charged more for service than they agreed to pay.

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Affording Your Life Podcast
Listen to the AG's New Podcast!

Affording Your Life with Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is your podcast about fairness, justice, and consumer information to help you afford your life.

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