A Guide to Minnesota's Charities Laws

Table of Contents

The following is a table of contents for the Guide to Minnesota's Charities Laws. You may click on the headers for more information on that topic.

I. Introduction

II. Laws that Govern Charitable Organizations

  • Charitable Organizations are Required to Register
  • Key Definitions—Charitable Organization, Contribution, and Solicit
  • Certain Charitable Organizations are Exempt from Registration
  • Determining Total Contributions
  • Initial Registration Requirements for Charitable Organizations
  • Annual Reporting Requirements for Charitable Organizations
  • Disclosure Requirements for Charitable Organizations
  • Other Requirements of the Charitable Solicitation Act

III. Laws that Govern Professional Fundraisers

  • Definition of Professional Fundraiser
  • Registration and Annual Reporting by Professional Fundraisers
  • Disclosure Requirements for Soliciting Professional Fundraisers
  • Other Minnesota Laws That May Apply to Professional Fundraisers

IV. Laws that Govern Charitable Trusts

  • Definition of a Charitable Trust
  • Registration of Charitable Trusts and Exemptions From Registering
  • Charitable Trust Annual Filing Requirements
  • Breach of Trust
  • Soliciting Charity v. Charitable Trust

V. Minnesota-Organized Nonprofits and Charitable Gambling

VI. When Nonprofits Must Provide Notice to the Attorney General

  • Prior Notice of Matters Involving Charitable Trusts
  • Prior Notice of Probate Matters Involving Charitable Bequests or Devises
  • Prior Notice of a Minnesota Nonprofit’s Intent to Dissolve, Merge, Consolidate, Convert, or Transfer Assets
  • Notice Under UPMIFA

VII. Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act

  • Key Definitions
  • Managing Institutional Funds
  • Modifying Institutional Fund Restrictions


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