Veterans and Servicemembers


TRICARE is the United States Department of Defense’s (“DOD”) health care coverage program for service members and their dependents. TRICARE offers several health care packages with different levels of coverage. You may obtain information about each of these programs from the TRICARE website, or by contacting TRICARE West Region as follows:

TRICARE—Regional Office West
(800) 558-1746
www.tricare.milexternal link icon

Health Net Federal Services is a public company that contracts with the DOD to administer benefits under the TRICARE program. You may contact Health Net Federal Services by phone at (844) 866-9378, or online at link icon

The TRICARE program is ultimately overseen by the TRICARE Management Authority of the United States Department of Defense:

TRICARE Management Activity
7700 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 5101
Falls Church, VA 22042-5101 link icon

The website for the Minnesota National Guard contains additional information about TRICARE services for Guardsmen and their families regarding enrollment, coverage levels, costs, transitional coverage and other health care issues—www.nationalguard.comexternal link icon

TRICARE Programs

The various coverage options through the TRICARE program maintain different eligibility and enrollment requirements. Specific coverage questions should be addressed directly to TRICARE.