State’s Second Amended Exhibit List

State's 2nd Amended (FINAL as-filed) Exhibit List

Plaintiff's Ex. No. Date Description Beg. Bates No.
1001 3/28/1999 Letter from R. Purdy to 3M re: Resignation 3MA00480715
1002 3/28/1999 Email from R. Purdy to E. Reiner et al. re: Rich Purdy's Resignation 3M_MN01427584
1003 3/29/1999 Email from G. Adams to D. Sonstegard re: 8e Follow up - Fish 3MA01373218
1005 8/24/1948 U.S. Patent Office, Simons, J. H., Fluorination of Organic Compounds, U.S. Patent No. 2,447,717 STATE_07524645
1008 9/26/1949 3M Company Fluorochemicals Brochure Heptafluorobutyric Acid 3M_MN03109500
1009 1/10/1950 PFBA LD50 test (3M Toxicology) 3MA02497530
1010 8/22/1950 U.S. Patent Office, Simons, J. H., Electrochemical Process of Making Fluorine-Containing Carbon-Compounds, U.S. Patent No. 2,519,983 STATE_07524631
1011 00/00/1952 State Water Pollution Control Board, Report on the Investigation of Leaching of Ash Dumps: 3-87. N/A
1012 00/00/1953 State Water Pollution Control Board, Field Investigation of Waste Water In Relation to Ground Water Reclamation: 3-124. N/A
1020 9/26/1958 Report on Investigation of Waste Disposal Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Chemolite Plant Washington County September 22-26, 1958 3MA01933815
1025 7/13/1960 Memorandum from J. Brown to H. Wessel re: Proposed Dump Site 3M_MN00000135
1026 8/9/1960 Field letter of A. Miller and R. Collins For Geology Department Use Only 3MA00335929
1028 11/3/1960 3M Interoffice Correspondence from J.T. Ling to Various Recipients re: Chemolite Monthly Water Report with Central Analytical Laboratory Report No. 3873 3M_MN00052163
1029 4/14/1961 3M Life Magazine Scotchgard Ad N/A
1031 12/1/1961 3M Interoffice Correspondence from L.C. Houdek to H.S. Parkinson re: Rebuilding and Relocation of Sewage Pond - Chemolite Plant 3MA00456329
1032 00/00/1961 State Water Pollution Control Board, Effects of Refuse Dumps On Ground Water Quality N/A
1033 4/1/1962 3M Interoffice Correspondence re: Chemolite Waste Disposal Program 3MA00456330
1035 5/15/1962 3M Report No. 61-22, Supplement Pond Sealant Study 3M_MN00000380
1042 6/15/1963 Technical Information 3M Brand Fluorochemical Surfactants FC- 95, FC-98, FC-128, FC-134, FX-161, FC-170, FX-172 3MA01201629
1043 7/10/1963 Memorandum from M. C. Goldsmith and K. H. Knoblock to J. A. Brown re: the Woodbury Township Dump Site 3MA00335832
1044 7/26/1963 3M Interoffice Correspondence from K.R. Knoblock to J.A. Brown re: Woodbury Township Dump Site 3MA00335828
1046 12/2/1963 Present Operations (Woodbury Site) 3MA00335802
1052 8/16/1966 Email from J. T. Lins to D. R. Guthrie re: Proceed to Construct Phase II - Waste Water Treatment Facilities Chemolite Project No. 66-1354 AFE No. 8197 3MA00456431
1053 9/21/1966 Report to Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company Acute Oral Toxicity Studies on Two Materials 3MA01789595
1054 10/6/1966 Results of Residential Well Water Sampling Village of Cottage Grove and Woodbury Township 3MA00512637
1058 12/2/1966 3M Chronological History St. Paul - Chemolite - Hutchinson Wet Scrap Disposal 3MA00512611
1062 3/3/1967 3M Interoffice Correspondence from C.E. Kiester to W.W. Watson re: Wet and Dry Scrap Disposal at 3M Plants 3MA00337724
1064 6/26/1967 Letter from Dr. Ling to J. Leirfallom re: Application for Permit to Appropriate Water, 3M Property Woodbury Village, Minnesota 3MA00286355
1065 11/30/1967 3M Interoffice Correspondence from C.E. Kiester re: Open Field Burning West Scrap Accumulation Woodbury Meeting Minutes 3MA02603657
1068 1/11/1968 Woodbury Questions by J. Ling and C. Kiester 3M_MN00050139
1070 2/12/1968 Quarterly Meeting - Board of Directors (3M) 3M_MN05374003
1079 7/22/1969 Supplementary Engineering Report of Sludge Disposal at Chemolite prepared by R.A. Paschke (Environmental and Civil Engineering) 3MA00456474
1083 6/15/1970 3M Letter to the Editor of Fire Journal re: Lightwater 3M_MN02267863
1085 10/23/1970 Authority for Expenditure for Sludge Dewatering at the Chemolite Sludge Dewatering Facility 3MA00456507
1087 8/31/1971 3M Interoffice Correspondence from J.T. Ling to H.G. Bryce re: Ecological Aspects of Fluorocarbons 3M_MN03423905
1088 9/13/1971 3M Interoffice Correspondence from H.G. Bryce to R.M. Adams re: Ecological Aspects of Fluorocarbons - your memo 7/14/71 3M_MN03423907
1095 9/1/1972 Bioassay Report: Acute toxicity of Light Water to bluegill (Lepomis marcochirus) 3M_MN01998404
1098 4/26/1973 3M Interoffice Correspondence from C.E. Kiester to J.T. Ling re: Woodbury Disposal Site 3MA00336067
1105 4/24/1974 3M Interoffice Correspondence from L.F. Krank to D.W. Johnson, H.J. Van Noordwyk, and R.E. Edwares re: [Washington County] Landfill Dry Scrap Project 3MA00276827
1106 4/24/1974 Landfill Dry Scrap List. Day 1 3MA00276829
1107 4/25/1974 Log of 3M trucks dumping waste at Washington County Landfill 3MA00276832
1109 7/8/1974 Memorandum and attachment from D. Siddoway, R. Rosen, and B. Fong to various recipients: Report on Disposal of Hydrofluoric Acid 3MA01201774
1110 9/17/1974 3M Permit for Construction and Operation of Disposal System 3MA00456576
1116 2/24/1975 Disposal of Existing Stockpile of HF Tars 3MA00214086
1118 8/20/1975 G.H. Crawford to L.C. Krogh et al., Record of a Telephone Conversation With William Guy Of The University Of Florida re: Fluorocarbon In Blood Samples From Texas And New York 3MA10034962
1119 8/29/1975 Acute Toxicity to Fish (Bluegill) 3M_MN01658211
1121 10/16/1975 Cover Letter from Warren S. Guy to R. A. Mitsch and attached manuscript 3MA00257421
1123 11/6/1975 Central Analytical Laboratory, Fluorine-19 NMR of ten samples 3MA00967400
1124 12/5/1975 1975 Field Letter re: Meeting with DuPont 3MA10024380
1131 8/26/1976 3M Interoffice Correspondence from Belisle to Freier re: Determination and Characterization of Trace Fluorochemicals 3MA00967404
1132 9/16/1976 Acute Oral Toxicity - Rats T-1585 from Bioresearch to 3M 3M_MN01688827
1133 9/20/1976 3M Interoffice Correspondence from Belisle to Long re: Analytical Request A62781 3MA00967406
1135 11/18/1976 3M Interoffice Correspondence from T.E. Shannon to D.D. Dworak re: Chemolite HF Tar Disposal -- Final Report 3MA01201767
[Designated Confidential by 3M]
5/4/1977 Technical Report Summary, Analysis of Fluorochemicals from Belisle and D.F. Hagen to B.W. Nippoldt 3MA01107188
1138 5/17/1977 Technical Report Summary: Bioconcentration of FM 3422 in Bluegill Sunfish and in Channel Catfish 3M_MN01640103
1139 6/9/1977 Report to 3M Company, 28-day Oral Toxicity Study with FC-143 in Albino Mice 3M_MN01690370
1140 7/1/1977 3M Interoffice Correspondence from R. C. Johnson to R. L. Ahlness re: Summary Of Work At Chemolite 3MA10035104
1142 8/9/1977 3M Interoffice Correspondence from Belisle to Freier et al. re: Fluorochemicals in Blood 3MA10067223
1143 8/10/1977 Acute Toxicity to Aquatic Invertebrates (Daphnia Magna) 3M_MN01658221
1144 8/26/1977 3M Chronology - Fluorochemicals in Blood 3MA10035028
1145 10/19/1977 3M Interoffice Correspondence from L. C. Krogh to J.D. La Zerte, 3M, re: Presentation to Corporate Responsibility Committee on Progress – Fluorochemicals in Blood 3M_MN00000479
1146 11/3/1977 3M Interoffice Correspondence from Belisle to Freier et al. re: Fluorochemicals in Blood 3MA00967424
1148 11/30/1977 Technical Report Summary re: 1977 Summary 3MA00016495
1152 00/00/1978 Noordwyk, Hugh et al., Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company's Hazardous Waste Program (1978) N/A
1153 1/9/1978 Technical Report Summary, Fate of Fluorochemicals in the Environment, Biodegradation Studies of Fluorocarbons - II, from E.A. Reiner to D.L. Bacon 3M_MN03424083
1158 2/27/1978 Technical Report Summary re: Adsorption of FC 95 and FC 143 on Soil 3MA10036129
1162 3/22/1978 3M Interoffice Correspondence from H. J. Van Noordwyk re: Incinerator Ash and Wastewater Treatment Sludge Disposal Meeting Minutes 3MA00282200
1164 4/1/1978 3M Light Water Ad Brochure 3M_MN01048940
1165 4/1/1978 3M Light Water Ad Brochure 3M_MN05340691
1166 4/6/1978 3M Interoffice Correspondence from Belisle to Long re: FM- 3422 Rat Toxicity study Request A67820 3MA10035579
1168 4/12/1978 3M Interoffice Correspondence from Prokop re: Meeting Minutes - Fluorochemicals Technical Review Committee 3MA10067042
1170 5/5/1978 Acute Oral Toxicity (LD50) Study in Rats FC-143 3M_MN01688767
1171 5/8/1978 3M Interoffice Correspondence from J. M. Osborne re: Chemolite Landfill Meeting Minutes and Status Report; File: Chemolite Sludge Disposal 3MA00281139
1172 5/10/1978 3M Interoffice Correspondence from Prokop re: Results of Animal Studies at I.R.D.C. 3MA10066961
1173 5/16/1978 Central Analytical Laboratory Report No. 6919 re: FC-143 Analysis of IRDC 137-090 Samples 3M_MN02343997
1174 5/17/1978 3M Interoffice Correspondence from Prokop re: Meeting Minutes - Review of Animal Studies 3M_MN00053074
1175 5/31/1978 International Research and Development Corporation, Fluorad Fluorochemical Surfactant FC-95 3MA00404300
1176 6/1/1978 Chronic Toxicity to Fish (PFOA, FC-116, FC-169, or FC-143) 3M_MN01655650
1177 6/8/1978 3M Interoffice Correspondence from Prokop re: Meeting Minutes from May 22, 1978 Meeting to Review Recent Information on Fluorochemicals in Blood of Workers and to Determine Whether this Poses a Substantial Risk Under TSCA 3MA02607386
1178 6/20/1978 Memorandum re: Blood Levels of RF/F in Selected Employees 3M_MN01692291
1179 7/19/1978 3M Technical Report Summary, Biodegradation Studies of Fluorocarbons - III by Reiner to Bacon 3MA10054929
1180 8/1/1978 Central Analytical Laboratory Report No. 6962 re: FC in Blood by Belisle 3MA00967481
1181 8/4/1978 Central Analytical Laboratory Report No. 6967 re: IRDC 137- 092: FC-95/Monkey 3M_MN02343995
1184 8/16/1978 Interim Site for Disposal of 3M Chemolite Wastes 3MA00456675
1185 8/16/1978 Technical Report Summary, Evaluation of the Bioconcentration Potential of FN 3422 by Welter 3MA10066619
1191 12/18/1978 Ninety-Day Subacute Rhesus Monkey Toxicity Study on Fluorad Fluorochemical Surfactant FC-95 3MA10065004
1192 12/19/1978 Letter from R. Susag to Charles Swanson re: 3M's process in obtaining permits and authorizations to operate landfill on Chemolite property 3MA00280909
1193 1/2/1979 Aborted FC95 Monkey Study 3M_MN01663513
1195 2/6/1979 3M Internal Correspondence from Belisle to Ubel re: Fluoride Analysis of China Serum (A71011) 3MA00967517
1196 2/14/1979 3M Interoffice Correspondence from J.M. Osborne to D.E. Pederson re: Sources of Cadmium, Chromium, and Lead 3MA00280139
1198 3/15/1979 Technical Report Summary, Final Comprehensive Report: FC 95 by Welter 3MA00176880
1199 3/20/1979 FC-95, FC-143 and FM-3422 - 90 Day Subacute Toxicity Studies Conducted at IRDC - Review of Final Reports and Summary 3MA00593073
1200 3/23/1979 Technical Report Summary, Final Comprehensive Report: FC 143 by Welter 3MA01410327
1204 4/26/1979 3M Interoffice Correspondence from Prokop re: Meeting Minutes - Meeting with H.C. Hodges 3MA00967775
1205 5/3/1979 An Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study of T-2305 CoC in the Rat 3M_MN01688759
1208 5/22/1979 Technical Report Summary, Bioaccumulation of Fluorochemicals in Tenn. River Fish by Gagnon 3MA01409559
1210 6/7/1979 3M Interoffice Correspondence re: Meeting Minutes - Meeting with H.C. Hodge 3MA00592803
1211 6/25/1979 3M Letter from M. Santoro (3M) to J. Harthum (MPCA) re: request for information pertaining to disposal of materials at Oakdale dumpsite 3M_MN00000353
1212 7/6/1979 3M Riker Laboratories Interoffice Correspondence from M. T. Case to R. A. Nelson re: Fluorochemical Chronic Toxicity 3MA00593079
[Designated Confidential by 3M]
7/23/1979 DuPont Memorandum from Kusick to French re: Discussion of Fluorochemicals with 3M 3M_MN00053484
1215 8/1/1979 Acute Toxicity to Aquatic Invertebrates (Grass Shrimp) from PFOS 3M_MN01656873
1216 8/1/1979 Acute Toxicity to Fish (Mummichog) from PFOS 3M_MN01656885
1217 8/1/1979 Acute Toxicity to Aquatic Invertebrates (Eastern Oyster) from PFOS 3M_MN01656900
1220 8/27/1979 3M Internal Correspondence from R. A. Prokop to Sam Boyd et al. re: Meeting Minutes 3M_MN00000290
1229 2/1/1980 Jack Mandel & Leonard Schuman, An Epidemiologic Mortality Study of Employees at the Chemolite Plant 3MA00638775
1231 3/12/1980 Oral Rangefinder Study of T-2998CoC in Pregnant Rats 3M_MN02327266
1232 6/5/1980 Letter from Michael B. Ayers (MPCA) to Russell H. Susag (3M) re: requesting 3M submit a detailed breakdown of what specific 3M wastes were or were likely disposed at the Oakdale dumpsite 3MA00284881
1233 6/23/1980 Technical Report Summary, Detection of Fluorochemicals in Decatur Wastewater by Mandel, Schrandt, and Gagnon 3MA01406743
1234 7/10/1980 3M Interoffice Correspondence from R.E. Ober to R.A. Prokop re: Rural Chinese Manuscript 3MA10034975
1235 7/28/1980 3M Letter from Osborne to Paul Smith (Met Council) re: 3M Chemolite wastes formerly landfilled in the interim hazardous waste landfill at Chemolite 3MA00456729
1239 8/15/1980 Some Probable Questions on 3M Fluorochemicals with Suggested Answers 3MA00472445
1242 10/28/1980 MPCA Division of Solid Waste Enforcement Section Status of Investigative Study Relating to an Industrial Waste Dump in Oakdale 3MA02604700
1244 11/25/1980 MCPA Status Report of Oakdale Dump Site 3MA00610634
1246 12/8/1980 Dictation Taken from Russ Susag by Phone re: Points to Describe 3M Involvement with Three Sites in Oakdale 3MA01248573
1247 12/18/1980 Oral Teratology Study of FC-95/PFOS in Rats 3MA00356530
1249 1/23/1981 Oral Teratology Study of FM-3422 in Rats 3MA00011419
1250 2/12/1981 MPCA Complaint Report at Cottage Grove 3M-Chemolite Plant re: burial of fluorocarbons 3MA00456742
1251 2/18/1981 Oral Teratology Study of FM-3422 in Rats 3MA00326722
1252 2/24/1981 Oral Rangefinder Study of T-2998Coc in Pregnant Rats 3M_MN01691720
1253 4/15/1981 Third Draft FC-143 Decatur Standby Press Statement by L. Ludford re: Moving Female Workers 3MA00047947
1254 4/17/1981 Recommendation Regarding Fluorochemical Exposure to Females of Childbearing Potential by Ubel 3MA00257790
1255 5/12/1981 Annual Meeting Board of Directors Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company 3M_MN05371968
1256 5/29/1981 3M Letter from Susag to Louis Breimhurst (MPCA) re: Ayers written request for information on alleged disposal of wastes at Chemolite plant 3MA00456743
1257 6/16/1981 Belisle et al., Characterization of Fluorinated Metabolites by a Gas Chromatographic Helium Microwave Plasma Detector - The Biotransformation of 1H, 1H, 2H, 2H Perfluorodecanol to Perfluorooctanoate, Analytical Biochemistry 118, 336-343 3MA00509473
1259 9/4/1981 3M Internal Correspondence from J.W. Eberlin to J.R. Krall re: Recovery of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (FC-26) Bottoms (FZ-155) 3MA00082742
1260 9/8/1981 3M Internal Correspondence from L.F. Ludford to L.C. Krogh re: call with a newspaper reporter in Pennsylvania about AFFF 3MA00065421
1261 10/1/1981 Acute Toxicity to Fish (Fathead Minnow) from PFOS 3M_MN01657269
1264 11/18/1981 Oral Rangefinder Study of T-314CoC in Pregnant Rabbits 3M_MN01691770
1266 12/14/1981 3M Internal Correspondence from Ubel to Griffith et al. re: Phone Conversation from Dr. McKusick - DuPont - 12/14/81 3MA00257805
1267 12/15/1981 Oral Teratology Study of T-2998CoC in Rats 3MA01508403
1275 8/12/1982 3M Internal Correspondence from D.E. Roach to P.F. Riehle re: 1981 Chemolite Health Evaluations 3M_MN01692296
1278 3/15/1983 Letter from Michael Tibbetts (MPCA) Fred Robinette (3M) re: Inspection of the 3M Chemolite Incinerator (SW-9) and Boiler Ash Disposal Site (SW-224) 3MA00296066
1279 4/8/1983 3M Internal Correspondence from A. Norberg and W. Pearlson re: Minutes of Fluorochemical Study Committee Meeting March 16, 1983 3MA10067173
1281 5/19/1983 3M Letter from J. Osborne to Michael Tibbetts (MPCA) re: MPCA Letter dated March 15, 1983, concerning the March 3, 1983, MPCA inspection of Chemolite incinerator of the 3M Chemolite Incinerator (SW-9) and the Boiler Ash Disposal Site (SW-224) 3MA00296063
1282 5/20/1983 Fate of Fluorochemicals - Phase II prepared by 3M Environmental Laboratory, E.A. Reiner, Editor 3MA10052935
1283 5/20/1983 Letter from Weston Solutions to J. Pilney (3) re: two Weston reports with attachments Preliminary Evaluation of Soil and Ground-Water Analytical Data and Proposed Work Plan Preliminary Evaluation of "New" Drum Site Chemolite Plant WE10268751
1284 5/25/1983 3M Internal Correspondence from R. L. Bohon to J.D. Lazerte re: Fate of Fluorochemicals Phase II 3MA10065596
1287 7/13/1983 Questions and Answers on the Need for the Fate of Fluorochemicals Phase II Study 3M_MN00000204
1290 7/26/1983 Administrative Order by Consent and Response Order by Consent signed by Robert Adams (3M) 3MA00283975
1291 8/16/1983 Minutes of Meeting Fate of Fluorochemicals August 16, 1983 - 8:00 A.M. by W.H. Pearlson 3MA10063227
1292 9/1/1983 Technical Report Summary, Environmental Aspects of POSF by Reiner 3MA00193738
1295 1/11/1984 Letter from Larry Christensen (MPCA) to Joseph Ling (3M) re: Notice of Violation, U.S. EPA and MPCA Hazardous Waste Violations 3MA00282920
1298 4/3/1984 Letter from L. Christensen (MPCA) to J. Ling re: Notice of Violation, U.S. EPA and MPCA Hazardous Waste Violations at the 3M Chemolite Facility, Cottage Grove MND006172969 3MA00282913
1304 6/27/1984 3M Internal Correspondence from J.E. Gagnon to D.M. Schnobrich re: Oakdale Incinerator Ash Oil & Grease Extracts 3MA00300324
1305 7/9/1984 Biodegradation (OECD 301E) of PFOS 3M_MN01657233
[Designated Confidential by 3M]
7/13/1984 3M Internal Correspondence from L.H. Hoffmeier to R.C. Libey et al. re: Treatment of Fluorinated Wastes at Chem. Ctr. Incinerator 3MA00067382
1309 7/17/1984 3M Internal Correspondence from Santoro to Hoffmeier re: Chemolite Boiler Ash Landfill 3MA00456910
1312 8/31/1984 Data Summary Report on the Tests for Acute & Chronic Toxicity of Fluorochemicals (FC-143) to Daphnia Magna (Water Flea) 3M_MN01639470
1313 8/31/1984 3M Internal Correspondence from D. Roach to P. Riehle re: Organic Fluorine Levels 3M_MN03269963
1315 10/4/1984 Remedial Actions to Alleviate Groundwater Pollution from a Former Industrial Waste Disposal Site Presentation by Paschke, Santoro, and Allan Gebhard (Barr), for the 57th Annual Conference of the Water Pollution Control Federation 3MA00296731
1318 1/3/1985 Report on Land Acquisitions for 3M Woodbury Site by Bruce Liesch 3M_MN00000222
1322 5/30/1985 Response Order by Consent for Chemolite Site, Cottage Grove, Minnesota signed by Robert Adams (3M) 3MA00840027
1328 11/00/1985 3M Fluorad Fluorochemical Surfactants Product Information Brochure STATE_07543929
1329 11/15/1985 Letter from T. Kalitowski (MPCA) to M. Forsythe (Honorable Chair of House Appropriations Committee) with MPCA Report on the Use of the Environmental Response, Compensation and Compliance Fund During Fiscal Year 1985 N/A
1334 10/2/1986 Industrial Chemicals Products Division Fluorad Brand Fluorochemical Surfactant FC-143 3M_MN01059198
1337 8/29/1987 Two Year Oral (Diet) Toxicity/Carcinogenicity Study of Fluorochemical FC-143 in Rats, Volume 1 of 4 3MA00027126
1338 9/00/1987 3M Fluorad Fluorochemical Surfactant FC-143 Product Information Brochure STATE_07543929
1342 12/9/1987 3M Phone Conversation Report of Robert Gail with Roger Perkins re: Review of FC-143 final report: Leydig cell tumor incidence 3MA10014327
1343 1/5/1988 3M Internal Correspondence from R. Perkins to F. Griffith re: Summary of the Review of the FC-143 Two-Year Feeding Study Report to be presented at the January 7, 1988 meeting with DuPont 3MA00631017
1345 4/6/1988 Two Year Oral (Diet) Toxicity / Carcinogenicity Study of Fluorochemical FM-3924 in Rats, Volume 1 of 5 3MA00593233
1346 6/3/1988 Letter from Boots & Coots to 3M re: Foam Systems Testing 3M_MN01315290
1348 8/11/1988 3M Chemolite Hazardous Waste Manifest 3M_MPCA00006608
1349 12/28/1988 Part B. RCRA Permit Application for 3M Company, MND006172969, 3M Chemolite Center 3MA00152550
1351 12/30/1988 3M Internal Correspondence from Eric Reiner re: FC-129 Biodegradability 3MA10035965
1353 00/00/1989 Jack Mandel & Leonard Schuman, Mortality Study at the 3M Chemolite Plant 3MA00632297
1356 2/23/1989 3M Material Safety Data Sheet: FC-118 Fluorad Fluorochemical Surfactant 3MA00202500
1357 4/6/1989 Letter from J. Mandel to L. Zobel (3M) re: results of the comparison of cancer incidence between the Minnesota population and the U.S. with attachment Table 5: Observed and Expected Deaths by Cause, Standardizes Morality Ratio (SMR), 95 Percent Confidence Limits and CHi Square Values, Males, Chemical Division 3MA00632313
1358 4/25/1989 Hunting Elevator Company RFRA N/A
1359 9/1/1989 3M Brand Technical Information for AFFF FC-783 3M_MN02369894
1360 10/5/1989 Memorandum from R. Perkins to A. Sethre re: Ammonium Perfluorooctanoate TSCA 8(e) Submission 3M_MN02323182
1362 12/22/1989 3M Material Safety Data Sheet: FC-118 Fluorad Fluorochemical Surfactant 3M_MN01044772
1365 00/00/1991 A Chemical History of 3M 1933-1990 by MacKay 3MA00005401
1368 4/1/1991 Study Summary of Environmental Effects of Light Water Brand

AFFF and Components - 1991
1369 5/10/1991 3M Internal Correspondence from L. Zobel to G. Damerell et al. re: Chemolite Examinations, Fall, 1990 3M_MN01692315
1370 00/00/1992 The Solution to Your Problems 3M Brochure STATE_07543929
1372 2/5/1992 3M Internal Correspondence from R. Howell to C. Olsen re: Fluorochemicals in the Environment with attachments 3M_MN00000001
1373 2/28/1992 Letter from D. Hall (MPCA) to R. Bringer (3M) with Authorization to Discharge and to Constrict, Install and Operate a Wastewater Disposal System MN.103.0639.000439
1374 6/5/1992 Product Toxicity Summary Sheet Fluorad Brand Fluorochemical Surfactant FC-95 3M_MN02252650
1376 8/28/1992 Letter from J. Wallrath (DuPont Human Resources) to Y. Power (Washington Works Polymers) with Interpretation of Epidemiologic Surveillance Data N/A
1378 9/15/1992 3M Internal Correspondence from R. Howell to C. Burton re: Environmental Concerns with Fluorochemicals 3MA00323897
1384 12/16/1992 3M Internal Correspondence from T. Ashenmacher to R. A. Paschke et al. re: Woodbury Update Report 3M_MN00039613
1386 12/30/1992 Transmittal of Memorandum from Dale Bacon to Butenhoff re: Fluorochemicals 3M_MN03108995
1387 9/00/1993 Gilliland FD and Mandel JS. 1993. Mortality among employees of a perfluorooctanoic production plant. Journal of Occupational Medicine 35:950–954 N/A
1388 1/18/1993 Environmentally Responsive Functional Fluorochemicals by Tony Manzara 3M_MN02470086
[Designated Confidential By 3M]
3/6/1993 Report on 3M Corp. Programs in Environmental Toxicology by John P. Giesy 3M_MN04734387
1402 8/3/1993 3M Internal Correspondence from R. M. Flynn to C. A. Burton et al. re: ECM Meeting Notes with attachments 3M_MN02470101
1403 9/1/1993 PFOS as Pesticide 3M_MN02470063
1404 9/1/1993 Frank Gilliland & Jack Mandel, Mortality Among Employees of a Perlfuorooctanoic Acid Production Plant 3MA00631764
1408 11/18/1993 PFOS, with sections for Disposition, Toxicity Considerations, Environmental Consideration, Kinds of Studies for Human PFOS Aspect 3MA10037365
1409 12/7/1993 3M Internal Correspondence from J. Mandel to Fluorochemical Steering Committee Members re: Papers/Dr. Gilliland with attachment "Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Count in Men Occupationally Exposed to Perfluoroctanoic Acid" by F. Gilliland 3M_MN00051484
1413 4/3/1994 3M Interoffice Memorandum from K. Goebel to I. Denenholz re: List of questions of several fluorochemical products 3M_MN04741126
1415 4/19/1994 Fluorine Health/Environmental Concerns; FC Concentrations Factors Affecting These Concerns; Proposed Program Operational Committee 3M_MN00000367
1418 5/13/1994 Draft Health Hazard Summary of Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid, Potassium Salt as Represented by FC-95 3MA10064687
1420 7/18/1994 Locations and Data From Avian Blood Plama Samples by John P. Giesy 3MA01404531
1421 9/6/1994 Health Hazard Summaries and Proposed Testing Program for Several 3M Fluorochemicals 3M_MN02345238
1431 3/13/1995 3M Morality Study of Employees at 3M Plant in Decatur, Alabama 3M_MN01661790
1445 12/14/1995 Major Vision Obstacle Number 1 3MA00089191
1446 Various Material Safety Data Sheets. 1984, 1989, 1990, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000 3MA01543444;
1451 5/20/1996 3M Material Safety Data Sheet: FC-118 Fluorad Fluorochemical Surfactant 3MA10057753
1457 9/17/1996 3M Internal Correspondence from E. Reiner to M. Shiba re: RCRA N/A
1459 10/24/1996 Email from E. Reiner re: Draft Fluorochemical Waste Disposal Guidance 3MA10051804
1460 10/25/1996 3M Internal Correspondence from Eric Reiner to Scott Strand et al. re: More Ideas on Draft Fluorochemical Waste Disposal Guidance 3MA10051796
1461 11/12/1996 Email from Tony Manzara to Wendling et al. re: Visit to DuPont - 11/12/96 - Technical Impressions of 3M_MN02470157
1466 12/12/1996 3M Fax Message re: carcinogenicity label of FC-143 / 1996 Fax and Minutes of Call with Dr. Jung 3M_MN03591099
1467 12/12/1996 Email from E. Reiner to Scott Strand, Robert Howell, and James Johnson re: Draft Fluorochemical Waste Disposal Guidance 3MA01410733
1469 1/10/1997 Acute Oral Toxicity Study of T-6669 in Rats (OECD Guidelines) 3M_MN01688780
1471 Various 3M Material Safety Data Sheet: FC-118 Fluorad Fluorochemical Surfactant for February 7 & 19, 1997 STATE_07543958
1476 11/5/1997 3M Material Safety Data Sheet: FC-118 Fluorad Fluorochemical Surfactant 3MA00203395
1479 00/00/1998 Draft Memorandum re: Fluorochemicals in Human Blood 3MA10082645
1482 1/16/1998 Email from L. Zobel to J. Butenhoff re: Fluorochemical Projects Underway in the Environmental Laboratory 3MA00906295
1486 2/9/1998 Estimation of "Safe" Reference Level (ppb) for PFOS in Plasma 3MA01366219
1488 2/26/1998 FDA Communications Plan; EPA Communication Plan 3MA10063015
1489 2/28/1998 Toxicology Contribution to White Paper by John Butenhoff 3MA10072182
1493 3/18/1998 POSF/C8 Acid Cell Hour Production Worksheet 3M_MN04782935
1496 3/20/1998 Memorandum from C. Reich to TSCA 8(e) Committee members re: TSCA Section 8(e) Decision 3MA10064459
1502 5/1/1998 Environmentally Relevant Properties of 3M Fluorochemicals 3MA10071137
1504 5/8/1998 Screening of PFOS levels in Eagles and Albatross - 3M Environmental Laboratory Fluorine Analytical Chemistry Team 3MA01404534
1519 9/1/1998 Email from D. Schnobrich to M. Falco et al. re: FC's and Past Disposal Sites 3M_MN00498519
1523 10/16/1998 Occurrence of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) in Wildlife Part I. Eagles and Albatrosses by Rich Purdy 3MA01404529
1526 11/4/1998 3M Material Safety Data Sheet: FC-118 Fluorad Fluorochemical Surfactant 3M_MN02892806
1527 11/9/1998 Board of Directors Presentations November 9, 1998, August, 1998, FC Issues 3MA10081840
1529 11/16/1998 3M Internal Correspondence from D. Sanders to M. McKerlie re: Attached 3M_MN02980584
1531 11/25/1998 Pathology Review of Reported Tumorigenesis in a Two Year Study of FM-3924 in Rats 3MA10025147
1533 12/3/1998 Email from R. Purdy to G. Adams re: Risk to the environmental due to the presence of PFOS with attachment Pioneer Food Chain Risk Assessment of PFO 3MA00242688
1534 12/3/1998 Pioneer Risk Assessment of Adverse Effects in Marine Mammals from PFOS in the Food Chain by Rich Purdy 3MA10031581
1535 12/10/1998 Science Publication Strategy 3MA00729193
1558 2/5/1999 The Science of Organic Fluorochemistry 3MA00523419
1571 4/8/1999 Letter from M. Ash to D. Sonstegard re: Purdy return to 3M 3M_MN05336314
1575 4/23/1999 PFOS Environmental Risk: Potential TSCA 8( e ) Substantial risk 3MA01238114
1585 5/20/1999 3M Internal Correspondence from D. Sanders to D. Bacon et al. re: Meeting Minutes of FC Core Team - May 14, 1999 3MA01404555
1586 5/21/1999 Laboratory Report: Analysis of FCs in Samples of Children's Sera 3MA00659721
1587 5/24/1999 3M - FC Issue Communications Plan 3M_MN04732222
1588 5/26/1999 Letter from C. Reich to Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics of the EPA - TSCA 8(e) Supplemental Notice on: Sulfonate- Based Fluorochemicals Docket Nos. 8EHQ-1180-373; 8EHQ- 1180-374;  8EHQ-0381-0394; 8EHQ-0598-373 3M_MN01329658
1589 5/26/1999 Email from D. Graham to T. Baltutis re: F-6002 waste water 3M_MN02465688
1595 6/16/1999 3M Internal Correspondence from D. Sanders to T. DiPasquale et al. re: FC Issues Core Team Meeting Minutes - June 8, 1999 3MA10082287
1599 7/9/1999 Email from R. Purdy to J. Walker re: F-chem 3MA00245904
1612 8/31/1999 3M Internal Correspondence from G. Adams to EHS&R Working Group re: EHS&R Minutes for August 10, 1999 3MA00927118
1615 9/30/1999 Products of incomplete combustion of POSF Based Fluorochemicals 3MA01412209
1616 9/30/1999 Email from Sanders to Perry Logan et al. re: Decatur FC Exposure Assessment - Presentation at IH Conference 3MA01540632
1617 10/1/1999 Summary PFOS Oral Rat Toxicology Screen 3M_MN02336490
1618 10/1/1999 Email from G. Olsen to P. Logan re: Presentation of FC Papers 3MA00004617
1630 11/23/1999 Email D. Mandel on behalf of Dave Sanders to J. Butenhoff et al. re: Scientific Publication Strategy attaching Scientific Publication Strategy, Proposals 3MA00467427
1633 12/15/1999 Draft Information for all Dyneon Employees 3M_MN01524232
1645 2/2/2000 3M Waste Stream Profile Program Cover Sheet (w3580) for Cottage Grove 3M_MPCA00033120
1653 3/1/2000 Sulfonated Perfluorochemicals in the Environment: Sources, Dispersion, Fate and Effects report 3MA00045043
1657 3/16/2000 Identification of Fluorochemicals in Sera of Children in the United States 3M_MN01661880
1664 4/10/2000 Charlie Auer Telephone Call Handwritten 3MA00470824
1665 4/11/2000 Email from C. Auer to D. Hakes re: Follow-up on Perfluorochemicals  Request 3M_MN02457016
1667 4/20/2000 Letter from L. Zobel to O . Hernandez re: Writing to Clarify Information contained in the two-generation reproduction 3MA00517725
1668 4/21/2000 Attachments to April 21, 2000 letter to C. Auer from W. Weppner | (Radiolabel Oral Absorption and Intravenous Pharmacokinetics Studies in Rats) 3MA00251390
1669 4/21/2000 Attachments to April 21, 2000 letter to C. Auer from W. Weppner | (Dermal Absorption and Intravenous Pharmacokinetics in Rabbits) 3MA00251391
1670 4/21/2000 Attachments to April 21, 2000 letter to C. Auer from W. Weppner | (Teratology Studies in Rats and Rabbits) 3MA00251392
1671 4/21/2000 Attachments to April 21, 2000 Letter to C. Auer from W. Weppner (Medical Surveillance and Epidemiology) 3MA00251393
1674 4/27/2000 Letter from R. Sussman (Latham & Watkins) to C. Auer re: Meeting with 3M April 28, 2000 3M_MN02457023
1679 5/3/2000 Letter from J. Butenhoff to J. Seed (EPA) re: Serum Measurements for Argus Studies 418-013 (through Lactation) and 418-015 (during Gestation) 3MA00254228
1681 5/4/2000 Letter from W. Weppner to C. Auer re: Information on Perfluorooctane Sulfonate with several attachments MN.039.0016.000280
1682 5/5/2000 Email from C. Auer to D. Hakes et al. re: Follow-up on Perfluorochemicals Meeting on April 28 3MA01135534
1683 5/8/2000 Handwritten notes 3MA00469749
1684 5/9/2000 3M Fluorochemical EHS & R Initiative Chuck Kiester's Board of Directors Presentation 3M_MN05367080
1685 5/9/2000 Annual Meeting Board of Directors Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company 3M_MN05367814
1690 5/16/2000 3M Phasing out Some of Its Specialty Materials 3M_MN02345284
1691 5/16/2000 Email from C. Auer to B. Weppner re: Phase-out of PFOS 3M_MN02457072
1694 5/16/2000 Press Release 3M Phasing out Some of Its Specialty Materials with handwritten notes 3MA01169714
1698 5/16/2000 3M SEC Form 8-K N/A
1703 5/19/2000 EPA Says it Pressured 3M over Scotchgard Chemical 3M_MN03112642
1704 5/19/2000 Email from T. Sloan to T. Brooks et al. re: The New York Times Article Today about the EPA's Version of Why We Abandoned Our FC's… 3MA01190648
1707 6/5/2000 BusinessWeek, 3M's Big Cleanup 3M_MN02492758
1716 6/26/2000 Summary of Work Performed for the German Government Agency for Military Technology and Procurement on Fire Extinguishing Foam Compounds from Multiple Companies 3M_MN01657796
1717 6/27/2000 Acute Toxicity to Fish (Bluegill Sunfish) 3M_MN00436402
1718 6/27/2000 Acute Toxicity to Aquatic Invertebrates (Daphnia Magna). 3M_MN01656831
1719 6/28/2000 Acute Toxicity to Invertebrates (Grass Shrimp) 3M_MN00437323
1720 6/28/2000 Acute Toxicity to Aquatic Invertebrates (Eastern Oyster) 3M_MN00437343
1721 6/30/2000 DuPont Haskell Laboratory Visit Meeting Minutes 3MA00469911
1725 7/11/2000 Oral Developmental Toxicity (Teratology) in Rats and Rabbits 3M_MN01660801
1726 7/11/2000 Serum Fluorochemical trends of out-of-county residents in CLUE I (1974) and CLUE II (1989) epidemiologic investigations 3M_MN01661883
1728 7/12/2000 Email from D. Graham to S. Kruse et al. re: Draining C8 Acid to Sewer 3MA01623209
1731 7/25/2000 Email from M. Elnabarawy to M. Santoro re: Screening-Level Risk Assessment for Organofluorine Substances in Philippines Well Water 3M_MN01020427
1734 8/21/2000 Letter from K. Reed to J. Baskerville re: 3M Company TSCA Section 8(e) Compliance Audit - Disclosure of Phase One Findings Pursuant to "Incentives For Self-Policing, Discovery, Disclosure and Correction and Prevention of Violations," 65 Fed. Reg. 19618 (Apr.11, 2000) 3M_MN01257572
1735 8/21/2000 Current CG FC Waste Status (221272 lbs./yr. as of 8/21/00) 3MA00043765
1736 8/21/2000 Letter from K. Reed to J. Baskerville with attachment re: 3M Company TSCA Section 8(e) Compliance Audit - Disclosure of Phase One Findings Pursuant to "Incentives For Self-Policing, Discovery, Disclosure and Correction and Prevention of Violations," 65 Fed. Reg. 19618 (Apr. 11, 2000) 3MA01220040
1737 8/21/2000 Letter from K. Reed to Document Processing Center (7407) re: TSCA Section 8(e) Supplemental Submissions: Docket Nos. 8EHQ-1180-373  and 8EHQ-1180-374 3MA01220047
1740 9/9/2000 Email from J. Giesy to D. Bacon re: manuscript [Excerpt] 3MA00198538
1749 12/26/2000 Email from D. Bacon to K. Reed re: Stuff with attachment 3MA00186126
1758 2/20/2001 3M SEC 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2000 N/A
1762 3/1/2001 3M Internal Correspondence J. Butenhoff to M. Santoro re: Draft Drinking Water Health Advisory (DWHA) - PFOS 3MA00812416
1763 3/2/2001 Letter from Cunningham (Toxicological Sciences) to J. Butenhoff (3M) re: ToxSci 01-002 3M_MN02337242
1764 3/7/2001 Email from M. Santoro to F. Palensky et al. re: Cottage Grove Wells 3M_MN00000806
1780 5/30/2001 Email from Millet to Gregory et al. re: U.S. News and World Report Magazine Reporter 3M_MN05342352
1781 6/1/2001 Email from Millet to Renner re: Draft Phase Out Schedule for Reporter 3M_MN05342355
1782 6/1/2001 Draft - Phase Out Timeline 3M_MN05367921
1783 6/1/2001 TSCA Section 8(e) Committee Meeting - Record of Proceedings 3MA02608788
1784 6/13/2001 Letter from K. Reed (3M) to A. Pontius (EPA) re: 3M Company TSCA Section 8(e) Compliance Audit -- Disclosure of Phase Two Findings 3MA01246311
1785 6/19/2001 Centre Analytical Laboratories, Analytical Report: Fluorochemical Characterization of Water Samples - Cottage Grove Potable Water Evaluation (E01-0812) 3MA00853349
1787 7/3/2001 Email from M. Santoro to Palensky et al. re: Cottage Grove Wells 3MA00001371
1793 9/5/2001 Draft FC Communications Plan 2001-2002 3MA02512798
1798 10/9/2001 Letter from Clark (EPA) to Hatcher (3M) 3MA00383888
1799 10/11/2001 Olsen GW, Burlew MM, Burris JM, and Mandel JH. 2001. Final report: Epidemiology, 220-3W-05: A longitudinal analysis of serum perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) levels in relation to lipid and hepatic clinical chemistry test results from male employee participants of the 1994/95, 1997, and 2000 fluorochemical medical surveillance program. 3M_MN02482163
1806 11/9/2001 Email from D. Schnobrich to L. Zabel et al. re: Cordova FC Waste Management Review 3MA00000982
1812 12/18/2001 Thomford, Peter, Final Report: 26-Week Capsule Toxicity Study with Ammonium Perfluorooctanoate (APFO) in Cynomolgus Monkeys Report (Covance 6329-231) 3M_MN02343342
1814 1/1/2002 Protocol Amendment: Cancer Incidence in 3M Workers 3M_MN02291548
1818 1/11/2002 Thomford, Peter, Final Report: 26-Week Capsule Toxicity Study with Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid Potassium Salts (PFOS; T- 6295) in Cynomolgus Monkeys Report (Covance 6329-223) 3M_MN03278834
1822 2/1/2002 3M Cottage Grove Megaphone February 2002: Volume 54, Number 2 3MA00064713
1823 2/5/2002 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Application for Permit to Discharge Wastewater Existing Manufacturing, Commercial, Mining and Silvicultural Operations Form 2C NPDES, MND006172969; signed 3MA00110772
1824 2/18/2002 3M Draft Talking Points Cottage Grove Wells 3MA00469948
1831 3/6/2002 Email from D. Kriens to D. Douglas & M. Rys re: 3M-PFOS and related compounds in discharge STATE_02795011
1833 3/8/2002 Email from D. Schnobrich to S. Ethier et al. re: PFOS/PFOA at Cottage Grove 3MA01376827
1836 3/11/2002 3M SEC 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2001 N/A
1845 8/6/2002 Office Memorandum from D. Wetzstein to R. Messing and L. Gust (MDH) re: Request for Development of Industrial Soil HBV for PFOS & PFOA Compounds STATE_02338983
1848 9/4/2002 Cancer Benchmark Dose Calculation for Fluorochemical-143 (FC-143):  Ammonium Perfluoroctanoate 3M_MN02339249
1855 10/17/2002 Subsurface Investigation Work Plan Neutralized HF Tar (D1) Disposal Area 3M Cottage Grove Facility Report 3MA00048084
1864 11/15/2002 Draft summary of PFOA exposure 3M_MN01526194
1872 1/1/2003 Chronology, Off-Site Waste Disposal Locations - 3M Cottage Grove, Minnesota 3MA01243198
1881 2/10/2003 Memorandum from D. Comeau and P. Book (ERG) to D. Douglas and M. Rhys (MPCA) re: 3M Cottage Grove; Area D1 Initial Groundwater Sampling Results 3MA00046947
1883 2/13/2003 Memorandum from D. Comeau and P. Book (ERG) to D. Douglas and M. Rys (MPCA) re: 3M Cottage Grove; Area D1 Initial Groundwater Sampling Results 3M_MN01010361
1887 3/10/2003 3M SEC 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2002 N/A
1889 4/7/2003 Email from J. Giesy to D. Bacon and W. Reagen re: Paper 3MA00194174
1897 5/7/2003 Email from M. Gravdahl to D. Schnobrich re: PFOA Production 3MA00044477
1898 5/7/2003 Letter from M. Santoro (3M) to W. Penberthy (EPA) re: Follow- up Questions Regarding 3M and Dyneon LOI Environmental Monitoring Commitments 3MA00888342
1907 8/1/2003 Letter from M. Santoro (3M) to U.S. EPA re: Submission of Monitoring Data Pursuant to the 3M LOI Dated March 13, 2003 and APFO Users LOI Dated March 14, 2003 3MA00048383
1908 8/5/2003 Email from D. Douglas to B. Brott et al. re: EPA Risk Assessment for PFOS/PFOA STATE_02468135
1910 8/7/2003 Draft Talking Points Cottage Grove Wells 3MA02600510
1912 9/15/2003 Email from D. Douglas (MPCA) to J. Kelly (MDH) et al. re: Monitoring of PFOA/PFOS STATE_02468963
1918 10/27/2003 Email from T. Fasking (3M) to R. Mark (MPCA) et al. re: PFOA production in Cottage Grove 3MA00406699
1920 11/13/2003 Letter from D. Douglas (MPCA) to T. Fasking (3M) re: 3M Chemolite Superfund Site MN.303.0085.000274
1925 12/22/2003 Letter from V. Yingling (MDH) to L. Bauer and N. Bauer STATE_01524662
1926 12/22/2003 Letter from V. Yingling (MDH) to D. Eilers STATE_01524663
1927 12/22/2003 Letter from V. Yingling (MDH) to D. Hendrickson STATE_01524664
1928 12/22/2003 Letter from V. Yingling (MDH) to J. Tschida and P. Tschida STATE_01524665
1930 1/2/2004 Email from D. Douglas (MPCA) to B. Brott (MPCA) et al. re: Preliminary results for PFOA at Washington County Landfill STATE_02496240
1932 1/26/2004 Letter from R. Paschke (3M) to D. Douglas (MPCA) re: Consent Order Addendum and Facility-wide Fluorochemical Investigation Work Plan, 3M Cottage Grove Site 3M_MN00044012
1933 1/27/2004 Facility-Wide Flourochemical Investigation Work Plan 3M Cottage Grove 3MA00046844
1937 2/12/2004 Toxicity Test Final Report Event 1, E04-0120 3M_MN01538387
1938 2/13/2004 Email from D. Douglas (MPCA) to B. Brott (MPCA) et al. re: 3M Cottage Grove 3M_MN00044031
1939 2/25/2004 Toxicity Test Final Report Event 2, E04-0126 3M_MN01539152
1940 6/20/2001 New environmental toxin destroys the liver - translated article 3MA00452308
1941 3/12/2004 Email from P. Book to T. Fasking and D. Comeau re: Cgrove list 3MA00048348
1942 4/1/2004 Exygen Research, Fluorochemical Characterization of Aqueous Samples Woodbury Combined Main FC Monitoring (E04-0241) 3M_MN00719367
1946 4/26/2004 Letter from B. Brott (MPCA) to T. Fasking (3M) re: Reimbursement of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Costs for the 3M Chemolite State Superfund Site 3M_MN00721525
1948 6/21/2004 MDH Environmental Laboratory, MPCA Closed Lanfill Assessment STATE_02091948
1949 6/29/2004 Meeting Between KEMI and 3M: Human Risk Characterization for PFOS 3M_MN02317718
1955 7/20/2004 MDH Chain of Custody Form MN.303.0003.000060
1957 7/23/2004 Email from D. Douglas (MPCA) to D. Kriens (MPCA) re: 3M Cottage Grove/Call from Bob Paschke STATE_02803858
1958 7/26/2004 Letter from T. Fasking (3M) to M. Rys (MPCA) re: Oakdale Disposal Site 3MA00348164
1959 7/29/2004 Email from R. Paschke to M. Santoro et al. re: Phone conversation with Dave Douglas, MPCA 3MA00886748
1964 9/14/2004 FC Core Team 2004 - 2005 Project / Process Priorities 3M_MN00838661
1966 9/27/2004 Email from J. Butenhoff to M. Falco re: Notes on Proposal to NTP 3MA00955624
1969 10/12/2004 Email from M. Falco (3M) to L. Wendling (3M) et al. 3MA01554012
1972 10/15/2004 MPCA and 3M meeting re: Perfluorochemicals STATE_02328450
1976 11/8/2004 Email from L. Zobel to J. Butenhoff re: Files Associated with Stockholm University 3MA00408335
1979 11/21/2004 Bruce Alexander, Final Report: Bladder Cancer in Perfluorooctanesulfonyl  Fluoride Manufacturing Workers 3MA00755705
1984 12/1/2004 Letter from T. Fasking to M. Rys re: Oakdale Pump-out System Discharge Fluorochemical Sampling 3MA01932893
1985 12/8/2004 Email from I. Verhagen to S. Ruotsinoja re: Interview with MPR - PFOA timeline at Washington County Landfill STATE_01200544
1986 12/10/2004 Letter from M. Rys to R. Paschke, 3M, re: Oakdale Pump-out System Discharge Fluorochemical Sampling Letter Dated December 1, 2004, Oakdale Disposal Site (the Site) 3MA00344317
1988 00/00/2005 3M Talking Points - Oakdale Wells STATE_02496227
1989 00/00/2005 3M's FC Committees Chart 3M_MN00000703
1993 1/24/2005 MDH. Questions About the Oakdale Public Water Supply 3MA00513900
1994 1/24/2005 Pictures of Scotchgard from Minnesota Public Radio website, N/A
1995 1/25/2005 Plastics Europe - Q&A On PFOA 3M_MN01525833
2004 2/1/2005 Edgerly, Mike et al., Toxic Traces, Minnesota Public Radio (2005) 3MA01169469
2009 2/18/2005 Health Consultation 3M Chemolite Perfluorochemical Releases at the 3M - Cottage Grove Facility 3MA00383006
2012 2/23/2005 Email from S. Ethier to R. Paschke et al. re: Fw: MPR Comment from Website 3MA01242570
2017 3/9/2005 SKB Environmental, SKB Rosemount Industrial Waste Facility (2005) WE10336422
2033 5/26/2005 3M FC Manufacturing Update 3MA01870504
2035 6/8/2005 Weston Off-Site Waste Disposal Locations Table - 3M Cottage Grove, Minnesota 3MA00511276
2040 6/30/2005 MPCA PFC Investigation June 30, 2005 STATE_01998653
[Designated Confidential By 3M]
7/1/2005 Letter from J. Hatcher to D. Ziegel re: Additional Data and Revised Draft Consent Agreement and Final Order 3M_MN00053740
2044 8/2/2005 Email from M. Gaetz to T. Fasking & T. Galloway re: Fw: Cottage Grove Sludge Sample Results 3MA01326865
2045 8/4/2005 Email from M. Geetz to G. Hohenstein re. Cottage Grove Sludge 3MA00866656
2046 8/10/2005 Background Information on PFOS and PFOA 3MA00550095
[Designated Confidential By 3M]
8/26/2005 3M Fluorochemicals Chronology and Various Timelines 3M_MN04769925
2057 10/15/2005 MPCA, Preliminary results of the MPCA PFC Investigation with 2 attachments STATE_01998636
2072 1/7/2006 S.Beach, S.A., et. al. Ecotoxicological Evaluation of Perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS). Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (2006) 3M_MN02255189
2078 2/1/2006 Letter from G. Millet to R. Cheng re: Response to email dated January 23, 2006 3M_MN01524242
2081 2/12/2006 Email from J. Giesy to D. Bacon re: ES&T Paper 3MA01320043
2083 2/16/2006 FC Communications Michael Santoro 3M Regulatory Affairs 3M_MN01524902
2084 2/17/2006 Memorandum from J. Giesy to D. Bacon re: Follow up to February 2, 2006 meeting (revised memo) 3MA01320414
2085 2/21/2006 Email from J. Giesy to D. Bacon re: re: chironomid study 3MA01320495
2088 3/7/2006 DRAFT Key Points - Cottage Grove Fish Data 3M_MN04799651
2093 3/28/2006 MDH, News Release, Revised fish consumption advice issued for bluegill sunfish in Pool 2 of the Mississippi River STATE_02082048
2095 4/1/2006 Fluorochemical (FC) Data Assessment Report by Weston 3MA01551778
2096 4/24/2006 Settlement agreement between 3M and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. N/A
2097 4/26/2006 Email from S. Sanchez to F. Palensky et al. re: News Coverage - TSCA 3MA01538872
2099 5/25/2006 Email from T. DiPasquale to T. Boardman et al. re: 3M and EPA Press Release 3MA01562347
2102 6/14/2006 Cost-benefit analysis of repeating the chronic study of the potential effects of PFOS on reproduction in quail 3MA02513752
2119 10/27/2006 Estimation of “Safe” Reference Level of PFOS in Plasma 3M_MN00042206
2125 12/11/2006 Email from J. Giesy to W. Reagen & D. Bacon re: Confidential 3MA01461356
2127 1/31/2007 Email from J. Kelly to D. Mandy, et al. re: Testing of consumer GAC filters with attachment STATE_01201422
2130 2/11/2007 Email from W. Nelson to D. Bacon et al. re: Pioneer Press - Sunday 3MA01645376
2132 2/26/2007 Memo from H. Goeden to J. Stine re: Health Based Values for Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) STATE_01488041
2133 2/26/2007 Discharge of Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) from 3M Cottage Grove Plant STATE_01995465
2134 2/26/2007 Memo from H. Goeden to J. Stine re: Health Based Values for Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) STATE_02430434
2137 3/7/2007 Email from W. Nelson to D. Bacon et al. re: Pioneer Press, Star Tribune and Link to MPR story 3MA01645741
2138 3/13/2007 Email from J. Giesy to D. Bacon and W. Reagen re: Fwd: Avian toxicity reference values 3M_MN03014876
2144 4/3/2007 Email from J. Giesy to W. Reagen re: Fwd: Looking for a post- doc candidate 3M_MN03016361
2145 4/4/2007 Memorandum from J. Stine to T. Scherkenback re: Hazard Determination of PFOA and PFOS STATE_02338891
2146 4/17/2007 Los Angeles Times, U.S. fires company over apparent conflict N/A
2147 4/24/2007 MPCA, Presentation, Request for Response Actions, Board Presentation, 3M Perfluorochemical Disposal Sites 3MA01839219
[Designated Confidential By 3M]
5/8/2007 Letter from S. Stevenson to M. Fortado re: 3M Oakdale Site insurance policy 3M_MN01313152
2158 5/22/2007 2007 Settlement Agreement and Consent Order, In the matter of Releases and Discharges of Perfluorochemicals At and From Sites in Washington County, Minnesota, and Certain Related Matters 3M_MN00568807
2161 5/30/2007 Handwritten notes re: MDH MTG 3M_MN02324009
2162 6/1/2007 Weston, Remedial Investigation Report, Phase 2 Fluorochemical (FC) Data Assessment Report for the Cottage Grove, MN Site 3M_MN01483002
2163 6/18/2007 Weston, Remedial Investigation Report Soil Supplemental Fluorochemical Data Assessment - Addendum, Oakdale Site 3M_MN04969186
2164 7/19/2007 Email from J. Giesy to D. Bacon and W. Reagen re: manuscript FYI 3MA02516746
2168 8/22/2007 Lundin, J. and Alexander, B. Final Report: Mortality of employees of an ammonium perfluorooctanoate production facility 3MA02557439
[Designated Confidential By 3M]
9/24/2007 Presentation, Dyneon APFO Replacement Program 3M_MN02372412
2177 10/1/2007 Email from G. Olsen to W. Reagen re: Request for comments with attachment 3MA02540633
2191 1/9/2008 Email from J. Sweeney to S. Bernatchez re: Question following presentation on 3M PFC facts 3M_MN00567710
2192 1/10/2008 Email from K. Andres to G. Olsen re: CG Draft Report with attachment 3MA02543910
2194 1/28/2008 Email from J. Butenhoff to S. Anprar and K. Taolin re: Review Process with attachment 3M_MN02295793
2204 3/26/2008 Email from J. Giesy to W. Reagen et al. re: Entrix Consulting 3M_MN00110700
2206 3/29/2008 Presentation, J. Butenhoff, Toxicological Research Program in Perfluorinated  Chemistries 3M_MN03589087
2207 3/31/2008 Email from W. Reagen to M. Nash re: Entrix Consulting 3M_MN05334328
2209 4/1/2008 Email from W. Reagen to M. Nash re: Entrix Consulting 3M_MN05334324
2219 6/13/2008 Email from R. Criswell to W. Keagen et al. re: Comments on Foth Environmental Infrastructure Report (3M Vault) with attachment STATE_01782725
2222 6/30/2008 Delta Environmental Consultants Inc., Perfluorocarbon (PFC)- Containing Firefighting Foams and Their Use in Firefighting Training in Minnesota (2008) STATE_02820958
2231 8/27/2008 Draft, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Fate Testing of Short Chain Perfluoroalkyl Compounds Related to 3M Chemistries 3M_MN01537089
2232 8/29/2008 ATSDR, Public Health Assessment for Perfluorochemical Contamination in Lake Elmo and Oakdale, Washington County, Minnesota STATE_01300660
2233 10/22/2008 Delta Consultants, Addendum to Perfluorocarbon (PFC)- Containing Firefighting Foams and Their Use in Firefighting Training in Minnesota, Prepared for MPCA (2008) STATE_02826813
2295 3/8/2010 MPCA, Mississippi River Pool 2 Intensive Study of Perfluorochemicals in Fish and Water: 2009 STATE_02010400
2297 4/7/2010 Letter from G. Olsen re: 3M Decatur Building 2/49 demolition and disposal project 3M_MN02288255
2300 6/1/2010 Weston, Construction Completion Report, Former Main Disposal Area, Woodbury Site 3M_MN05361976
2301 7/2/2010 MPCA to 3M, Request for Response Action STATE_02339051
2303 7/23/2010 Weston, Construction Completion Report D1 and D2 Areas, Cottage Grove Site, Cottage Grove, Minnesota 3M_MN01533753
2304 7/28/2010 Environ, spreadsheet re: bioaccumulation model to predict the concentration of PFOS in fish tissue, including the quantification of the proportion of exposure derived from surface sediment versus the water column STATE_00942604
2318 1/18/2011 Weston, Construction Completion Report D9 Area, Cottage Grove Site, Cottage Grove, Minnesota 3M_MN00716872
2343 12/5/2011 Probable Link Evaluation of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and Preeclampsia (2011) N/A
2354 4/11/2012 Draft Memorandum from L. Zobel to FC Core Team re: Review of FC Manuscripts 3M_MN04777930
2367 7/30/2012 Probable Link Evaluation of Autoimmune Disease (2012) N/A
2368 7/30/2012 Probable Link Evaluation of Thyroid disease (2012) N/A
2374 10/29/2012 Probable Link Evaluation for heart disease (including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease) (2012) N/A
2379 1/3/2013 Email from M. Falco to M. Nash re: Fw: Assessment of Long Chain Fluorochemical Use 3M_MN04836974
2382 2/22/2013 Newstead, John et al., Spatial and Temporal Trends of Perfluoroalkyl Compounds in Fish Fillets Collected From Pool 2 of the Upper Mississippi River (2013) 3M_MN03205198
2397 11/21/2013 Fish Consumption Guidelines for the General Population, Lakes N/A
2398 12/19/2013 Fish Consumption Guidelines for the General Population, River N/A
2399 1/27/2014 Letter from Jean B. Sweeney to MPCA Commissioner John L. Stine re: Comments on the 2014 MPCA Draft Impaired Waters List 3M_MN03203477
2400 1/27/2014 3M Appendix A - Summary Data Report - Pool 2 Fall 2013 Fish Data 3M_MN04813517
2405 6/5/2014 Route, William T. et al, Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Concentrations of Perfluorinated Compounds in Bald Eagle Nestlings in the Upper Midwestern United States (2014) N/A
[Designated Confidential By 3M]
7/22/2014 Aqua-Pure Plumbing Wholesale Update Q2 3M_MN05101829
[Designated Confidential By 3M]
10/6/2015 Falco, Fluorochemical EHS Background, The Magic Behind the Innovation 3M_MN03639885
2431 4/00/2016 Anchor, 2013 Data Summary Report, Mississippi River - Pool 2 and Adjacent Locations N/A
2435 5/15/2016 The Madrid Statement on Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) N/A
2436 5/23/2016 EPA Drinking Water Health Advisory for Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) STATE_07081959
2437 5/23/2016 EPA Drinking Water Health Advisory for Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) STATE_07082062
2440 6/10/2016 C8: association between prenatal exposure to perfluorinated compounds N/A
2448 7/19/2016 MDH, Fish Consumption Guidelines for Women Who Are or May Become Pregnant, and Children Under Age 15, Lakes STATE_04501887
2450 8/11/2016 Fish Consumption Guidelines for Women Who Are or May Become Pregnant, and Children Under Age 15, Rivers STATE_04513318
2455 10/12/2016 3M Analysis of Mississippi River Pore Water and Surface Water Samples near the 3M Cottage Grove Facility - September 2016 Sampling 3M_MN04844733
2475 5/3/2017 PFOA_Re-Evaluation_FinalToxReviewWorksheet_May2017.pdf STATE_07438004
2476 5/3/2017 PFOS_Re-Evaluation_FinalToxReviewWorksheet_May2017.pdf STATE_07438096
2477 5/17/2017 Environmental Surveillance and Assessment Memorandum from Nancy Rice (MDH) to James Kelly (MDH) re: Health-Based Values for Perfluorooctane Sulfonate STATE_07457240
2487 6/7/2017 MDH, Notice of Health Risk Advisory for Perfluorochemicals (PFCs), City of Cottage Grove, (2017) N/A
2491 00/00/0000 APFO summary document 3M_MN01524233
2493 Various Factory Operating Standards. 1973, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1981, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000 3MA00050322;
3MA01201453; 3MA01828643;
2496 Various 3M Waste Inventory Forms - Chemolite 3MA01986530;
2498 00/00/0000 Gilland, Frank and Jack Mandel, Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Count in Men Occupationally Exposed to Perfluorooctanoic Acid 3MA10016749
2499 00/00/0000 Chart on FC-95 or PFOS 3MA10031469
[Designated Confidential By 3M]
00/00/0000 Presentation, Basic Studies in Electrochemical Fluorination - A 3M Core Technology 3M_MN00838987
2515 00/00/0000 Handwritten Notes 3M_MN02323912
2516 00/00/0000 Bullet-Point Notes Regarding Paper for Submission 3M_MN02329964
2517 00/00/0000 Presentation, Representative LCM Flow Chart 3M_MN02492763
2521 00/00/0000 Business Opportunity Memo 3MA00330478
2522 4/10/0000 Questions for Charlie Auer for Monday, April 10 3MA00470823
2534 00/00/0000 Chronology of PFCs in Blood 3MA10039277
2542 00/00/0000 Toxicology Education Foundation Is It Safe? Dose Makes the Poison Video, available at N/A
2545 00/00/2017 Pictures of 3M products from website, N/A
2546 00/00/2001 Biegel et al., Mechanisms of Extrahepatic Tumer Induction by Peroxisome Proliferators in Male CD Rats, Toxicological Sciences 60, 44-55 (2001) N/A
2547 10/12/1995 Email from Perkins to Butenhoff et al. re: APME Meeting 3MA10024469
2548 1/13/1997 Aqua-Pure Video Ad, N/A
2549 4/3/1985 Email from Loushin to Weppner re: FC-143 MSDS 3MA00621672
2550 7/13/2014 Aqua-Pure Video Ad, N/A
2551 00/00/2001 Presentation by Perkins entitled FC-143 and APME Toxicology Related Issues From 1995 to Present 3MA00194560
2552 2/6/1997 Aqua-Pure Video Ad, N/A
2553 12/18/1996 Email from Pickett to Weppner re: FC-143 Issues 3MA10066727
2559 8/25/1954 Potassium Perfluorooctanoate Routine Toxicity Screening 3MA01828941
2561 6/18/1966 Woodbury Event Handwritten Timeline by Dr. Ling 3M_MN00000466
2563 2/7/1979 “In the long-term human health effects may be correlated with the presence of FM-3422 in the aquatic environment.” 3M_MN00000151
2565 3/8/2010 Mississippi River Pool 2 Intensive Study of Perfluorochemicals in Fish and Water: 2009 3M_MN03043077
2566 2/19/1986 1986 3M hazardous waste manifest indicating that acid bottoms are classified as D002 hazardous—i.e., corrosive—wastes 3M_MPCA00006161
2567 6/27/1979 3M document indicating WWTP sludge and incineration ash and sludge are hazardous wastes 3MA00280412
2568 9/13/1960 3M document indicating that by 1960, Building 15 discharged 131,000 gallons of effluent to the chemical sewer per day, which included 206 pounds of HF acid per day 3MA00456289
2569 3/23/1979 March 23, 1979 Technical Report Summary 3MA01410316
2570 12/6/1995 3M waste stream profile indicating fluorochemical inerts contain PFCs 3MA10051876
2571 7/18/2006 Letter from MPCA (Eckberg, with copy to Kriens) to 3M in which MPCA alleged that 3M violated federal requirements pertaining to its 2002 NPDES permit application MN.064.0120.000599
2572 7/29/2004 July 2004 State emails STATE_02795716
2573 5/25/1983 Fate of Fluorochemicals Phase II Study 3MA10065463
2574 3/9/2006 3M-EPA Consent Agreement N/A
2575 5/00/2017 MDH HBV for PFOA and PFOS N/A
2576 5/22/2007 MPCA Settlement Agreement and Consent Order MN.064.0103.000002
2577 7/3/2001 July 2001 Santoro email to Palensky and Walker, copying others, regarding Cottage Grove Wells 3MA00348418
2579 4/00/2008 April 2008 MDH Fish Consumption Advisory for PFOS STATE_02061740
2580 1/4/2017 2016 Draft Impaired Waters List N/A
2581 4/15/2012 C-8 Science Panel Probable Link Report: probable link between PFOA exposure and testicular/kidney cancer N/A
2582 7/30/2012 C-8 Science Panel Probable Link Report: probable link between PFOA exposure and ulcerative colitis N/A
2583 12/5/2011 C-8 Science Panel Probably Link Report: Probable link between PFC exposure and pregnancy-induced hypertension/pre-eclampsia N/A
2584 10/1/2014 Johnson et al. (2014), The Navigation Guide - Evidence-based medicine meets environmental health: Systematic Review of Human Evidence for PFOA Effects on Fetal Growth N/A
2585 7/30/2012 C-8 Science Panel Probable Link Report: Probable link between PFOA exposure and thyroid disease and high cholesterol. N/A
2586 1/7/1964 3M Correspondence from C. Diets to H. Jones 3MA00335783
2589 8/23/1966 Meeting Minutes re Woodbury Township Meeting 3MA00285494
2590 00/00/1954 3M, Documentation of the 3M Exposure Guideline for  N-Methylperf/uorobutanesu/fonamidoethanol(N-McFBSE) 3MA01628937
2591 7/28/1960 Letter R.C. Collins and J. Brown re Field Letter 3M_MN00000231
2593 8/14/1975 Memorandum from G.H. Crawford to C. Krogh et al. re: Fluorocarbons in Human Blood Plasma 3M_MN00000293
2594 4/12/1978 Animal studies 3MA100666974
2595 8/16/1978 3M Technical Report Summary, Evaluation of the Bioconcentration Potential of FM 3422 3MA00326803
2596 5/22/1979 3M Technical Report Summary, Bioaccumulation Studies 3M_MN01639837
2597 6/23/1980 3M Technical Report Summary, Detection of Fluorochemicals in Decatur Wastewater 3MA01409767
2598 10/28/1980 MPCA Issue Statement 3M_MN00001391
2599 5/4/1981 Letter from M. B. Ayers (MPCA) to Dr. R. Susag (3M) re: investigation of a disposal site 3MA00334184
2600 8/31/1984 3M Internal Correspondence from D.E. Roach, M.D. to P.F. Riehle (Specialty Chemical Division - Chemolite Center 41-1) re Organic Fluorine Levels 3M_MN01655416
2601 12/30/1988 3M Technical Report Summary, Effect of Potassium Perfluorooctanesulfonate on Survival, etc. 3MA10035953
2602 5/15/1998 Letter from 3M to EPA re: TSCA Section 8(e) -Perfluorooctane Sulfonate 3M_MN02456909
2603 9/2/1998 3M lab notebook 3M_MN04758351
2604 11/17/2003 Memorandum from T. DiPasquale to J. R. Allison et al. re : FC Meeting - November 11, 2003 3M_MN04778452
2605 2/17/2006 Memorandum from J. Giesy (ENTRIX Inc.) to D. Bacon (3M) re: Follow up to February 2, 2006 meeting (revised memo) 3MA02513749
2606 7/18/2006 Letter from MPCA to 3M 3M_MN0492289
2607 12/30/2009 EPA Report Entitled: "Long-Chain Perfluorinated Chemicals Action Plan" N/A
2614 5/6/2002 Meeting Minutes West Virginia DEP & DuPont "CATT" Toxicity Team and Report Excerpts N/A
2615 00/00/2017 Dourson Emails N/A
2616 12/14/1948 U.S. Patent 2,456,027 N/A
2617 00/00/0000 Final Comprehensive Report FC-95 N/A
2621 5/14/1962 MN Mining Letter from J.T. Ling to D. H. Cochran RE Waste Disposal Woodbury Dump Site 3M_MN00048247
2632 10/18/1966 Interoffice Letter from J.T. Ling to D.R. Guthrie RE Residence Well Water Sampling Woodbury Township and Cottage Grove Village 3M_MN00000728
2639 12/28/1966 Water Pollution Problem in Woodbury - 1 page summary regarding investigation of Chemolite 3MA00285419
2640 3/24/1967 Meeting Minutes RE Woodbury Ground Water Problem with Hargraves (MWPC) 3MA00285471
2649 8/31/1971 Interoffice Memo from J.T. Ling to H.G. Bryce RE Ecological Aspects of Fluorocarbons - comments on Bryce's draft report 3MA02496585
2651 9/13/1971 Interoffice Letter from H.G. Bryce to R.M. Adams RE Ecological Aspects of Fluorocarbons - your memo 7/14/1971 3M_MN00048386
2660 1/00/1967 Hickok, E. Report titled "Ground Water Investigative Program at Woodbury" 3MA00286008
2662 00/00/1980 Site No. 8 - 3M Company - Woodbury 3MA01934828
2667 8/18/2017 Email from Lucas Martin containing two spreadsheets with East Metro Water Quality Data.xlsx. N/A
2673 9/22/2017 Kier Soderberg Field Photos: img_0940 - img_1081 N/A
2679 11/7/2017 Davis Expert Report Figure 5-6: Hazard Indices N/A
2682 9/24/1993 3M Combined Air and Hazardous Waste Permit Renewal; Permit No. 23-AI-89-0-6 3MA00288649
2683 4/28/2017 MPCA Letter from G. Krueger to J. Sweeney RE New Drinking Water Health Advisories for PFOA and PFOS N/A
2684 6/30/2011 LimnoTech (2011). TMDL Scoping - PFOS in Pool 2 of the Mississippi River STATE_01170462
2685 7/3/2017 Letter from Brewer to MPCA RE Settlement Agreement and Consent Order (SACO), dated May 22, 2017 N/A
2686 4/27/2010 Email from Balogh to L. Rogacki RE Estimated PFOS loads in Metro effluent and the Mississippi River MET0007023
2687 7/12/2017 Letter from Brewer to MPCA RE 3M disputes a reimbursement request for certain expenditures N/A
2688 7/12/2017 MN AG Letter to Brewer RE 2007 Consent Order and 3M cost reimbursement N/A
2689 00/00/2016 MPCA, 2016. Fish tissue data provided in spreadsheet. STATE_07459336
2690 7/20/2017 Letter from Brewer to A. Cohen RE receipt of July 12, 2017 letter N/A
2691 12/16/2010 Environ, 2010. Review of PFOS Impairment in Pool 2 of the Mississippi River. Prepared for Barnes and Thornburg LLP on behalf of Metropolitan Council Environmental Services, December 16, 2010 STATE_01178225
2692 11/21/2017 Letter from Hogan (MPCA) to G. Hohenstein RE Drinking Water Health Advisory for Cities of Woodbury and Oakdale Municipal Wells N/A
2693 11/29/2017 Letter from Brewer to M. Kieley (AGO) RE Response to November 21, 2017 letter. N/A
2694 00/00/0000 Dilks CV N/A
2695 1/1/1998 3M Presentation: Environmental Fate and Effects of Fluorochemicals by R. Howell 3MA10051826
2696 3/5/2005 PFOS Case Study by Butenhoff, Olsen and Pfahles-Hutchens 3MA00762535
2697 2/26/1997 Email from Maendler to Howell, et al. RE Tox/Envt'l Issues - DuPont Risk Assessment 3MA00194581
2698 00/00/2003 2003 Proxy Statement N/A
2699 3/9/1981 Memo from K.J. Miller to C.D. King RE Drum Liner Disposal 3MA00150027
2700 6/25/1970 Letter from 3M to MCPA RE Oakdale Dump Site 3M_MN00049959
2701 11/17/1981 Letter and Work Plan: Hydrogeological Investigation of Disposal Areas at the 3M Chemolite Plant in Cottage Grove, MN 3M_MN00001563
2702 10/19/1977 Interoffice Corr. from L.C. Krogh to Lazerte, Sheukrman, Ubel RE Nov 7 resentation and copies of transparencies used in last report. 3M_MN00000479
2703 00/00/0000 Overview of Potential Dredging Areas (2.2 PPB Threshold, Depth 1 ft.) N/A
2704 00/00/0000 Dredging Volumes by Area (2.2 PPB PFOS Threshold) N/A
2705 00/00/0000 Overview of Potential Dredging Areas (1 PPB Threshold, Depth 1 ft) N/A
2706 00/00/0000 Dredging Volumes by Area (1 PPB PFOS Threshold) N/A
2707 00/00/0000 Wetland Bank Service Areas and Major Watersheds for County Boundaries N/A
2708 00/00/0000 Minnesota Pre-Settlement Wetland Areas Remaining N/A
2709 00/00/0000 Estimated Cost of Credits Required to Address PFC Wetland Impacts N/A
2710 00/00/0000 Wetland Bank Price Per Credit from BWSR 2017 RFP N/A
2711 1/3/2018 Letter from Bilot to Huyser RE PFCs in Minnesota N/A
2712 11/18/1998 A Review of the Environmental Fate and Effects of Sulfonyl Based Fluorochemicals DRAFT 3M_MN05374965
2713 12/00/2009 Frisbee, S., et al., The C8 Health Project: Design, Methods, and Participants, 117 Environmental Health Persp. p. 1873 (Dec. 2009) N/A
2714 00/00/1974 Algicidal Activity Test Substance 3M_MN00436466
2715 12/13/1961 MN Mining & Manf. Co. Geology Department Report No. 61-22 3MA00335895
[Designated Confidential By 3M]
5/29/2007 Consulting Services Agreement 3M_MN00255852
2717 12/00/1998 FC Toxicity/Safety Testing In Particular PFOS & N-EtFOSE by Nabbefeld, et al. 3MA10054016
2718 4/26/2000 CAS No. 2795-39-3 Potassium Perfluorooctanesulfonate 3MA01657924
2719 11/2/1998 EPA Proposed Meeting Draft by C. Reich 3MA10071231
2720 00/00/0000 DeWitt CV N/A
2721 5/15/1998 Email from Jerry (?) to J.E. Gregory and J.R. Lewis RE Accumulation and Disposal of Waste Water at Decatur 3MA00905854
2722 4/26/1979 3M Interoffice Correspondence from Prokop re: Meeting Minutes - Meeting with J.R. Mitchell 3MA10034826
2723 7/26/1979 Phone Conversation Report from R.A. Prokop to L.C. Krogn and J.D. Lazerte with Eugene Berman, attorney for DuPont 3MA10035034
2724 8/23/1978 3M Interoffice Correspondence RE Minutes of Meeting with H.C. Hodge, held in Portland, Maine 3MA00967742
2725 7/22/1992 Minutes of Fluorochemical Steering Committee Meeting 3M_MN00000789
2726 5/27/1993 In Search of Non-Industrial Sources of Organic Fluorine In Normal Human Blood from the General Public 3M_MN03112528
2727 1/22/2007 Email from M.A. Santoro to P. Hoff RE Fw: Considerations for conducting PFOA avian repro study 3M_MN03436924
2728 1/9/2007 Corporate Messages, Environmental Energy and Safety Issues. Issues: FC - East Metro Drinking Water 3M_MN03521906
2729 4/6/1989 Table 6: Observed and Expected Deaths by Cause, Standardized Mortality Ratios (SMR), 95 Percent Confidence Limits and Chi Square Values, Males, Chemolite Plant 3MA00632317
2730 4/25/2006 2006 EPA press release on TSCA fine for 3M N/A
2731 11/2/2017 Rotondo, J.C. et al., Environmental doses of perfluorooctanoic acid change the expression of genes in target tissues of common carp. N/A
2732 00/00/1993 3M Update Magazine 3MA00044881
[Designated Confidential By 3M]
5/23/1997 Battelle Presentation: Ecosystem Fate Modeling 3MA01429655
2734 2/23/2001 Acute Toxicity Report in Honey Bee (AR 226-1017) MET 0438364
2735 8/21/2017 Lower and Upper Pool 2 Maps of Records of Live Lampsilis higginsii surveyed 1999-2017 STATE_07507089
2736 9/8/2017 Map of Records of Live Quadrula nodulata above Pig's Eye WWTP STATE_07543913
2737 3/8/2017 Yingling, G. "Perfluorochemicals (PFCs; aka PFAS) in Grey Cloud Island Township" N/A
2738 12/2/2017 Letter from M. Kieley (AGO) to Brewer RE Response Actions Related to PFC Releases from 3M PFC Disposal Sites N/A
2739 8/00/2005 Washington County and Washington Conservation District, Integrating Groundwater & Surface Water Management Southern Washington County, Prepared by Barr Engineering N/A
2740 00/00/2008 Olsen. Decatur Medical Surveillance Study 3M_MN05372035
2741 00/00/2008 Olsen. Decatur Medical Surveillance Study 3M_MN05372003
2742 1/9/2008 Email advising Jean Sweeney of inaccuracy of statement: "3M no longer manufactures PFOS, PFOA, or PFBA" 3M_MN00567706
2743 10/30/2007 Presentation containing statement: "3M no longer manufactures PFOS, PFOA, or PFBA" 3M_MN00566907
2744 00/00/1999 Cottage Grove Chemical Monthly Report. 11/1998 and 06/1999 3MA01204490; 3MA00229513
2745 4/2/1979 “St. Paul Megaphone” 3MA00323984
2746 00/00/2014 Landsteiner, A., Huset, C., Williams, A., Johnson, J. Biomonitoring for Perfluorochemicals in a Minnesota Community with Known Drinking Water N/A
2747 8/26/1958 F.B. Richerson summary RE: Discussion of Chemolite Wastes with Mr. Johannes of the SWPCB 3MA00456233
2748 2/17/1976 Organic Fluorine Compounds in Blood Chronology 3MA10067216
2749 6/28/1905 List of Studies to be Moved to 8(e) Docket 3MA01220049
2750 2/9/2017 3M SEC 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2016 N/A
2751 9/1/1999 SMMD FC Waste Management (CY1998) 3M_MN02792261
2752 00/00/2003 MPCA Annual Report on Washington County Sanitary Landfill 2003 3MA00402203
2753 10/9/2017 Affidavit of Charles Kiester ISO 3M's Response to Opposition to State's Motion to Compel Discovery, with attachment N/A
2754 5/26/1999 "Fluorochemical Use, Distribution and Release Overview", Prepared by 3M 3M_MN03270260
2755 00/00/1989 Just, W.W., Gorgas, K., Hartl, F-U., Heinemann, P., Salzer, M., Schimassek, H. Biochemical Effects and Zonal Heterogeneity of Peroxisome Proliferation Induced by Perfluorocarboxylic Acids in Rat Liver. Hepatology Vol. 9 (4) 570-581 3MA00632733
2756 5/19/1992 Terminated Study Final Report (GLP) Titled: PFOS and POAA Study in Goats. Study No. FACT-TOX-100 3MA01725206
2757 7/23/2013 Presentation entitled “Status of the PFC Assessment/Remediation Projects in Minnesota” STATE_02942271
2758 Various Summary of 3M Hazardous Waste Manifests 1980 – 2008 assigning one or more EPA Hazardous Waste codes to waste characterized as containing PFCs; The Summary compromising underlying exhibits 2758.0001 - 2758.2325. N/A
2759 11/13/1997 Beach, Susan. Report titled: Results from Analyses of Soil and Groundwater Samples from the E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company Facility in Parkersburg, WV 3M_MN00043306
2760 9/00/1996 EPA Monthly Hotline Report N/A
2761 4/00/2003 MPCA Minnesota Environment Special Report. FY 2002 Superfund Report to the Legislature. "Use of the Minnesota Environmental Response, Compensation and Compliance Account (Superfund)." N/A
2762 10/00/2017 MDH Website - Current Activities: Perflurochemicals (PFCs) in Minnesota N/A
2763 11/9/2017 Handwritten equation by Connolly N/A
2764 11/30/2007 Report on the manufacture, Use, and Releases of PFCs at the 3M Cottage Grove Facility - attachments 2 - 6 3MA02527154
2765 11/30/2007 Report on the manufacture, Use, and Releases of PFCs at the 3M Cottage Grove Facility - attachment 7 3MA02527167
2766 11/30/2007 Report on the manufacture, Use, and Releases of PFCs at the 3M Cottage Grove Facility - attachments 8 - 11 3MA02527243
2767 10/27/1961 3M Life Magazine Scotchgard Ad N/A
2768 4/13/2007 Letter from K. Sather (MPCA) to Board Members RE Request for Issuance of a Request for Response Action (RFRA) to the 3M Company: For the Release and Threatened Release of Hazardous Substances from the 3M Chemolite Disposal Site, 3M Oakdale Disposal Site, and 3M Woodbury Disposal Site STATE_07088102
[Designated Confidential by 3M]
12/9/1999 3M/DuPont Meeting Notes for Removing PFOA from Wastewater 3M_MN05377877
2770 1/19/1999 3M Draft Company Statement 3M_MN05382332
2771 8/22/1975 Interoffice Correspondence from J.D. LaZerte to L.C. Krogh RE Telephone Call from Dr. Warren Guy, Uni of Florida RE Fluorochemicals in Human Blood 3M_MN05382159
2772 Various Material Safety Data Sheets from February and March 1997, stating that multiple PFC-containing products can cause cancer. (2772A - 2772P) 3M_MN05419460;
[Redacted information designated confidential
by 3M].
00/00/0000 Summary of Certain 3M Payments for John Giesy Work; The Summary comprising underlying exhibits 2773.0001-2773.0147 N/A
2774 2/28/1978 Interoffice Correspondence from A.N. Welter to R.A. Prokop RE Fate of Fluorochemical Project, Informational Meeting 2/24/1978 3MA10066978
2775 5/00/2017 Fish Consumption Guidelines for the General Population, Lakes N/A
2776 6/00/2016 Fish Consumption Guidelines for the General Population, Rivers N/A
2777 5/00/2017 Fish Consumption Guidelines for Women who Are or May Become Pregnant, and Children under Age 15, Lake N/A
2778 6/00/2016 Fish Consumption Guidelines for Women who Are or May Become Pregnant, and Children under Age 15, Rivers N/A
2779 00/00/2001 2001 Proxy Statement N/A
2780 00/00/0000 Undated photograph showing open burning of drums in landfill 3M_MN00000473
2781 5/00/2000 Project Spring Communication Plan 3M_MN05381646
[Designated Confidential by 3M]
6/2/1993 Internal Correspondence from T. Manzara R Microorganism Sources for Degradable F.C. Study 3M_MN05437251
[Designated Confidential by 3M]
2/17/1975 Memo to T. Scherkenbach from G. Frazier RE 3M Woodbury Site 3M_MN00048377
2784 6/18/2008 MPCA Remedy Decision Document - Washington County Landfill, Lake Elmo, MN 3MA02645872
2785 6/13/2001 Letter from K. Reed to EPA re TSCA Section 8(a) Supplemental Submission: Docket Nos 8EHQ-1180-373 and 8EHQ-1180-374 MET 0438451
2786 5/11/1983 Pilot Rat Teratology Study T-3352 - Final Report 3MA00248286
2787 1/25/1991 Final Report Titled Primary Eye Irritation/Corrosion Study of T- 5298 in rabbits (OECD Guidelines) 3M_MN01241251
2788 12/17/2998 Final Report - Protocol 418-011 Oral (Gavage) Developmental Toxicity Study of N-EtFOSE in Rats, Sponsor's Study Number: T-6316.7 3MA10083119
2789 9/5/2001 Letter from G. Adams (3M) to U.S. EPA re: TSCA 8(e) Supplemental Notice on Sulfonate-based Fluorochemicals, AR226-1038 MET0438638
2790 5/14/1999 3M Medical Department, Toxicology Services, Report for Study No. T-6316.9; DT21 Fluorochemical (FC) Levels in Naïve Rats 3M_MN00428316
2791 11/3/1995 Product Safety Labs, Wnorowski, G., Primary Eye Irritation 3M_MN01062303
2792 5/30/1997 Stump, D., A Developmental Toxicity Study of 313401 in Rats 3M_MN01062651
2793 11/9/1994 Determination of the Partition Coefficient (N-Octanol/Water) of T- 5874 by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) 3M_MN01532235
2794 11/9/1994 Determination of the Partition Coefficient (N-Octanol/Water) of T- 5869.4 by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) 3M_MN01639872
2795 1/10/1979 Technical Report Summary: Distribution Coefficient of FM 3925 in n-Octanol/Water 3M_MN01640028
2796 2/14/1996 M.S.I. Report No. 4B223-4B227, Determination of Physico- chemical Properties of Sample D-1 by Mitsubishi Chemical Safety Institute Ltd. 3M_MN01640581
2797 2/16/1993 Twenty-eight-day Repeated Dose Oral Toxicity Study of Sample D-1 in Rats 3M_MN01649987
2798 2/25/1980 Two-Week Oral Range finding Toxicity Study of T-2509CoC in Rats 3M_MN01695616
[Designated Confidential by 3M]
6/11/1999 Report of Data for Exploratory 28-day Oral Toxicity Study in Rats: Telomer Alcohol, Telomer Acrylate, PFBS, PFHS, PFOS, Laboratory Report No. FACT-TOX-120.3 3M_MN02336491
2800 4/26/2000 Gallagher, S. et al., PFOS: A Dietary LC50 Study with the Northern Bobwhite 3MA00233956
2801 4/12/1979 Bio/Dynamics Inc., Project No. 78-7187, An Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study of T-2308 CoC in the Rat 3MA00234875
2802 1/11/1999 Final Report, Protocol 418-010 Oral (Stomach Tube) Developmental Toxicity Study of N-EtFOSE in Rabbits 3MA00239722
2803 5/14/1999 3M Medical Department, Toxicology Services, Report for Study No. T-6316.9; DT21 Fluorochemical (FC) Levels in Naïve Rats - Further Investigation of Rat Chow 3MA00242650
2804 1/11/1999 Final Report, Protocol 418-012 Oral (Stomach Tube) Developmental Toxicity Study of PFOS in Rabbits 3MA00353213
2805 4/15/1998 104-Week Dietary Chronic Toxicity and Carcinogenicity Study with Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid Potassium Salt (PFOS; T- 6295) in Rats 3MA00395762
2806 5/31/1978 International research and Development Corporation, Fluorad Fluorochemical Surfactant FC-95, Acute Oral Toxicity (LD50) Study in Rats 3MA00725705
2807 11/29/1995 3M Final Report - Analytical Study, Single-dose Intravenous Pharmacokinetic Study of T-6246 in Rabbits 3MA01502168
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